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Friday, July 23, 2010

Five Things Friday

5. We're going to the lake!

4. We're going to the lake!

3. We're going to the lake!

2. We're going to the lake!

1. We're going to the lake!

We are leaving for the lake in T minus 5 hours! We are beyond thrilled. We are going to the best lake around: Greers Ferry lake in Heber Springs, AR. 6 days full of family, sun, riding on the boat, wake boarding, watching the boys try to out-do each other on the wake board, shopping, laughing.....yes, let's go!

Monday, July 19, 2010

old school

An old friend found this picture, scanned it, and to my horror put it on facebook. I saw it and all I could say was "WHOA.....who are those dorks?!" Oh yes...thats us in all of our cool high school glory. I'm pretty sure this was choir tour when he was in 11th grade and I was in 10th. I hope you get as many laughs at this as we've had!

Hopefully you agree....we've come a long way.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ten Things Thursday Texas Style

10. I spent the last few days in Frisco, TX.

9. I wish Jason and Heather would move back here, but I can see why they love it so much.

8. Ada gives the best facials!

7. Texas has some great shopping.

6. Frisco is so clean... quite different from Memphis.

5. Peace, Love, Popcorn....has some delicious popcorn flavors! Seriously their best sellers are dill pickle and peanut butter/chocolate....crazy but good!

4. I do not want a dog.

3. I may want kids....in a few years...

2. It's important to know the regulations when flying with a buddy pass.

1. So here's the story....

My flight was to leave at 5:07p.m. for Atlanta. We left their place at 3:30p.m. We got to the large Dallas airport at 4:00p.m..... plenty of time. I took my information to the desk to get my boarding pass and they proceed to tell me that I am not dressed according to the buddy pass guidelines....which I was told just menat no jeans and no tennis shoes. Its not like I looked like a slob. I had nice white capris on, a sleeveless top and sandals. At first they said no sandals and then they said no sleeveless tops. Thankfully Heather was not far so she ran into the nearest store....with 3 kids.... bought me a button up shirt and some cute flats then sped back over to the airport.

At this point, it is 4:45p.m. She called as she pulled up and I ran outside gave her check and threw on my new outfit. I ran back to the counter. The guy checked me in, but explained I probably would not make the flight but I could try. He went ahead and put me on the next flight that left 2 hours later just in case. Thankfully the flight from Atlanta to Memphis that I needed wasn't leaving until 10:30p.m. anyway.

I ran through security and to my gate... sweating now.... to see that everyone had already boarded and the plane was pulling away. Great. I now had 2 hours to waste. Instead of waiting for several hours in Atlanta for my connecting flight I would just be waiting in Dallas. Thankfully Starbucks and some magazines kept me busy.

Before I knew it they were boarding my plane. Thankfully during that 2 hours I had time to talk to the gate attendant. They were able to not only secure my spot on the next flight but they gave me my gate information that I would need once I got to Atlanta so I knew exactly where I was going.

We landed in Atlanta at 9:30p.m. So I knew I had an hour, but I also now knew a million things could happen to keep me from going home. We sat in the plane for almost 30 minutes waiting for our spot at the gate. Finally after everyone took their own sweet time to collect their bags we were finally off and running through the ENORMOUS airport that Atlanta is! I seriously felt like I was on the amazing race! People were staring, my luggage is bouncing, I am basically sweating....and then I find my gate. Success. Oh but wait...I'm flying standby and there are tons of people waiting to get on my plane. Seriously...I'm going to be sleeping in the Atlanta airport. So I drag my stuff to the gate and explain my situation. They do in fact have room for me and I get my boarding pass and begin to look for the nearest restroom when the attendant says, "ma'am, don't you want to go ahead and board?" Uh yea...my plane had already boarded....all of the people I saw were for a different flight. I seriously almost got left AGAIN. I think I would have just cried at that point. Instead, I had a seat. So I thankfully took my boarding pass and my luggage and walked through the gate with probably the biggest grin of my life. I was finally almost home.

I got on the plane, found found my seat, and stored my luggage. I pulled out my latest Karen Kingsbury and wouldn't you know the verse that the characters are reminded of are:

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."

ok....God...I get it.

Friday, July 9, 2010


This week we took our youth to participate in local missions project. First Baptist Church Gallaway is a local church that our church helps support. The pastor and his wife also run a small school and summer camp for the children in this area. It is a beacon of hope in this poor community. The Gallaway area reminds me very much of the Tillman Rd. area of Memphis.

This past week was our church's week to "adopt" them. We came in and helped any way we could. This summer camp is free to any child from 4-12 years old. It's essentially like a 6 week long VBS. D was in charge of the bible study and recreation time. We did everything from play with the kids to organize cabinets.

This was a very eye opening experience for us and our kids. It amazes me what kind of homes that these kids come from: lice infested, mom's in jail, dad's an alcoholic. Yet, these kids get themselves up every morning in time to be ready to get on the bus. It was obvious they loved coming to the camp.

These kids are definitely troopers. They've been through some tough stuff yet most are very loving, enthusiastic, and funny....whether they meant to be or not.

For example: One little girl came up to me, put her hand on I guess what appeared to be a protruding stomach and said, "You got a baby in there?!" I said, "No sweet girl.... thats just fat." But thanks for reminding me I have got to start running again!

One little boy came up to D and said, "How old are you?" Before D could say anything the little boy said, "You're old! You must be 40!"

This experience though heartbreaking at times was one that I was very glad to be apart of. This ministry that Gallaway has is changing lives. These kids can come eat breakfast and lunch for free and know they are safe and loved. The staff that work here are truly heroes. They make close to nothing yet spend countless hours investing in these kids. It's amazing.

This experience, though glamorous in no way, was a great one.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

it's about time

Sunday was not only a celebration for our country, but for our church. Sunday was our first service in our new sanctuary!

We started at FBCHW in October 2008. They had just begun a building campaign. Though it brought some controversy to the church body, it was clearly the direction the Lord was leading our church. Two services didn't work. Having an overflow was the pits. Our church just needed more room!

Two years later....we're finally in! This sanctuary can hold 700 and has the option to allow us to easily add on if we need to. God is doing some amazing things in our church and we are so excited to be apart of it all!

You can go here and see some pictures!