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Monday, August 26, 2013

Twin Update: 20 weeks

Its hard to believe that we are half way through this pregnancy! Well, technically more than halfway since I won't go full term. On one hand it seems like the time if flying by but on the other hand I am feeling huge and still have a long way to go.

20 weeks:

Cravings: cheese dip/chips, blueberry poptarts, water... I can't get enough!

What we've been up to: trying to decide on names.... and no we haven't, we decided on cribs, we're working on bedding, we are going to register this week, and me and jules and sister have hit some consignment sales so we've started stocking up on sweet little boy things.

Oh and if anyone finds these cute outfits at a reasonabel price please let me know! I am in love.

I thought I had been saved from being due in the hottest Memphis months... however pregnant with one baby and pregnant with 2 babies are clearly very different. I currently look like I'm due any day with one baby... although I have 4 months to go with 2. And this August heat is reminding me... my feet/ankles in particular... that big and pregnant and Memphis in August don't go well together.

Also, some of the coolest pregnancy experiences thus far have happened lately. I must have missed the gentle butterflies because these boys do nothing but kicks, punches and flips. I have also felt them on the outside. I was laying in bed reading last night and the boys were active. With my hand on my belly, I thought I imagined a slight kick from baby A (lower baby). Then it happened several more times. I yelled for D. He came and of course it stopped. I made him stay and sure enough he was able to feel a slight nudge from active baby A.

Ok all my momma friends out there I need your "must register for" items. What have been the best brands and most helpful items you received or purchased for your babies?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Gender Reveal

Momma's intuition was right on! 2 boys it is! We are beyond thrilled that God saw fit to bless us with 2 baby boys. What a huge responsibility, but one that we are forever thankful for. I remember the first ultrasound where we were able to see our babies, even as little blueberries with little flashing heart beats, I was moved to tears. As I have laid there visit after visit, the tears still come because I am blown away that not only have we been blessed with one baby, but two. As overwhelming of a task of raising 2 babies is, I am baffled and profoundly humbled that God chose us. There is nothing special about me. As stated before seriously the only good thing in me is Jesus, so as I look upon each ultrasound screen I am still amazed that God chose such an unworthy, so undeserving person to raise these precious babies. What an honor.

We have been very blessed with an amazing ultrasound tech. If that term is like "cop" to a police officer then I am very sorry to all you radiology/ultrasound friends. Just tell me the technical term and I'll stop with the tech thing. Our sweet lady actually kind of knew us because her niece/nephew and us are friends and she had been reading our blog! How fun is that?! She has been precious. She has gone above and beyond her duties to make us feel comfortable and encourage us along the way. Not to mention these sweet babies already have a photo albums worth of pictures! For her protection, I'm not going to include her name but just know she is amazing and we love her!

Because of her amazing skills we were able to find out the gender of our babies at 19 weeks. I had heard of several twin moms who found out one gender but not the other until later on so I hoping that both babies would cooperate since our gender reveal party was scheduled for merely 4 hours after our detailed ultrasound.

Once we left the doctors office with the concealed information, we went straight to the party store for them to fill up 2 balloons with the correct color confetti. Because we wanted to find out with everyone else, we waited outside for what seemed like FOREVER. They finally came out with our balloons in hand and told us that they wanted to take care of the expense. They told us to go have fun and come back and shop for the twins 1st birthday stuff there. Party City by Sports Authority people... go give them your business. We certainly will.

With the gender reveal balloons in the car, it was time to go set out the food and get ready for our guests. My in laws were gracious enough to open up their home to everyone. We knew that so many people were excited about these babies that we wanted anyone who wanted to, to be able to be apart of this exciting event. We were blown away by the sweet faces that attended. We were surrounded by over 50 people who genuinely have loved, prayed, and supported us through this exciting time.

Before we knew it (and with lots of prying from our sisters) it was time for the reveal!

A big thanks to Michelle Walker for taking pictures this night and then creating this video... which I had no idea she was going to do. What a treasure this is to us!

Now that we know what these precious babies are we have GOT to give them names. And still we are at a loss. I will say it is not for the lack of help from others. This is just a hard job! These kids are stuck with these names forever and we want them to be good. So hopefully in the posts to come these sweet boys will have names. Thank you for your sweet comments, texts, and encouragement. We feel so loved and blessed and look forward to raising these boys!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Twin Update

18 weeks! The babies are making their presence known for sure! No doubt I'm either almost full term with one or carrying twins (and people are asking!) b/c this belly is getting big. They are the size of sweet potatoes this week but feel more like watermelons.

Less than a week and we find out what gender they are! I'm still going with I think its 2 boys so I'm so excited to see if I'm right or wrong. Now if both babies cooperate, we will be having a gender reveal party that night. We know that so many are just as excited about finding out what these babies are that we decided to have an open invitation party to all who want to come and celebrate with us.

So...Thursday, August 15 at 7:00p.m. at Daniel's parents house, we will be finding out along with everyone else what gender these sweet babies are! 

18 weeks:

Cravings: captain crunch berries cereal, string cheese, watermelon, green grapes

Most asked question: "when are you due?" (look of shock appears on their face) Followed by, "are you having twins?!" Why yes I am and thank you for boosting my confidence.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Twin Update

Last week our sweet babies were the size of pears. I feel like I'm really fattening up now with a belly that makes bending over not as fun. And I clearly realize I still have a loooooooong way to go so its only going to get worse trying to bend over and get out of d's sporty car.

I have been ravenously hungry the last few days and I've been trying to make wise eating choices, but at times not really caring.Its a really bad thing when you have a Gigi's cupcake hook up. Well bad when you're trying to not have another record breaking weigh in at the doctor. Good in the sense that the babies really like cupcakes.

Cravings: grilled chicken caesar salads, green grapes, cosmic brownies, white cheese dip, coffee, taco bell (told you I've been ravenous!)

17 weeks:

I'm technically 18 weeks today so stay tuned for our next update!