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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Twin Update

After our last hospital visit, we got sent home and set up with a contraction monitor for me to use twice a day that allows the data to be sent to a 24 hour monitoring system. On Monday, my data showed I had 4 contractions. The nurse called and asked me to remonitor because they don't want me having that many in an hour. After remonitoring, the nurse called and said I had 6 that time around. She called and consulted with my dr. and they agreed I needed to go to the hospital to be checked out. As we were about to pull into Baptist, we got a phone call stating that Baptist's nicu was on diversion and in case the babies needed to come it was imperative that we go to Methodist Germantown. Even though my insurance is for baptist because it was out of our control, my insurance would see it as in network and cover it... thankfully.

After getting hooked up to the monitors at Methodist Germantown, it was confirmed that I was having contractions every 3-4 minutes. They tried giving me rapid release meds... fail. So the next best option was the dreaded magnesium drip. I heard it was brutal but if it was what needed to be done of course I was willing. It indeed was not fun. It is a muscle relaxer so it felt like I had the flu or recovering from... I was super weak and even my eyes felt relaxed like I was crosseyed. It also made me really hot... thankfully just my face and a cold rag helped that. While on the mag drip, I was not allowed to eat or drink anything other than ice chips... which is hard when it also makes you super thirsty/dry mouthed. In the middle of the night Monday night, I got desperate and drank the melted ice. Then soon after saw the reason why they don't let you eat or drink. I sat up and said, D, I think I'm going to be sick. He was dead asleep in the chair beside me. Although he jumped up quickly and slightly tripped over the blankets at his feet just in time to grab a garbage can in which I projectile vomited into and on him. :) 

After 52 hours on the mag drip, I was taken off. Thankfully it has proven to be effective. I got moved to Baptist where I am currently being monitored and so far the babies are still perfect and I've had hardly any contractions. The doctors are optimistic that I can carry these babies a while longer although we know anything can happen at any point.

Thank you all for your love, support, and encouragement.... but mostly for your prayers. We know  God created these precious boys and is more than capable to sustain them as well.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Twin Update

So far these boys are obeying and staying put. This past week we went to the high risk specialist for the first time, Dr. BK. After doing a detailed ultrasound of the boys that took almost an hour, they determined our boys are perfect. Unfortunately, my cervix has shortened some more even on bed rest. (Was 2.2 now 1.8) I have continued to have contractions each day even with the medication so they have increased my daily dosage, optimistic that this will help.

I still monitor my contractions 2 times a day and sometimes more if necessary. I see my regular OB every 2 weeks and Dr. BK in between. We are entering week 28 and with each passing week we claim it a victory.

We did have a bit of a scare yesterday morning. My friends shower was from 10-12. I woke up early so I'd have plenty of time to to get ready but still take it easy. After I showered, I laid back on the bed and did my morning monitoring for an hour. When my time was up on that I started getting ready and D sent my data to the nurse. Shortly afterwards, she called, which they normally do, but instead of the usual "2-3 contraction" update she said I had 6! First of all I never felt one. Second, this was not a good thing. 5-7 contractions in an hour means we go to the hospital... and I currently had people on their way to my shower, my hair is half way curled, d is clearly concerned that I had so many contractions, him being concerned made me concerned...but all I can think about is that only half my hair is curled! What did this mean... 6 contractions?! The nurse advised that I drink a ton of water, empty my bladder and re-monitor... another hour. It is currently 9:30.

D made an executive decision that I just had to be late for my shower. Thankfully everyone understood and after the second monitoring... I had only 1 contraction... which meant we weren't gong to the hospital but to my shower with strict orders to walk in, sit down and not move... which I was grateful to oblige.

I walked in to my shower, saw all of these sweet precious friends and I lost it. I was a blubbering mess. I was so happy to be there, so happy to see those faces, so happy my babies were staying put and we weren't going to the hospital, so happy to see all the fun things my sisters had been whispering about and so excited to be out of the house.

So... babies are good. No hospital visits have been made recently. I, though and hour late, was able t make it to my shower. And thankfully my husband though not understanding why... moved my curling iron to the bed so I was able to finish curling my dead gum hair that bothered me so much.... before we left for my baby shower. Which ironically I ended up throwing my hair up on my head anyway so you couldn't even tell it had been curled. :) Yea those pregnancy hormones that cause lots of emotional outbursts that I thought had missed me... yea, they found me.

25-26 weeks

25 weeks:

26 weeks:

Cravings: vegetables, cereal, peanuts

The past couple of weeks have def changed our lives a bit. My on the go lifestyle has changed to I get up to shower and go to the bathroom... and those are my main vertical times of the day. I don't have to lay down all day but I have to be sitting/reclining. Though this is not ideal, I understand the importance of why this is necessary and to think about keeping these boys safe and healthy... its well worth my inconvenience and boredom.

I am so thankful that we had gotten so much done prior to all of this. The nursery was pretty much completed, I had bought all my hostess gifts for my showers, and even had completed my Christmas shopping... I knew I wanted to get a jump on things, but I had no idea it would be so necessary. Then with the help of  family we have gotten clothes washed and things organized.

In general, everyone has been so good to us. The help offered, meals brought and signed up for, prayers going up on behalf.... we are overwhelmed and so thankful.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

24 weeks at the beach

A couple of weeks ago, my 24th week being pregnant, was spent at the beach with the Burbee clan. Definitely a different trip having a huge belly and not as much stamina to walk in the sand but man was it nice to sit and soak up some sun and listen to those waves crash against the shore. I even had D dig me a hole so I could lay on my stomach and get some sun on my back. Wow... was it nice to get to lay on my belly for the first time in a while! I looked normal until I rolled out of my hole and then I freaked people out with my ready to pop belly.

Not only was it a different trip having a big belly, but it was fun because this is the first year we've had a little one tag along. Riley Paige experienced her first beach trip this year. Man was she fun. She loved the sand and the water. And you can imagine how cute her little rolls looked in all of her swimsuits.

Here are some pictures from our trip via iphone.

 Cravings during this week: m&m mcflurry's, cheez its, donuts, honey nut cheerios- I blame vacation on these terrible cravings!

Thanks mom and dad for such a fun getaway!

24 week picture taken once we got home:

I'll post some more pics soon  from the good camera... including our record breaking photo shoot.