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Monday, June 29, 2009

My baby sister is ENGAGED!!!!!

Kacie and Jeremy got engaged tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! He took her to where they had their first date and popped the question there. Apparently he has had the ring for 2 months! I guess he knew better than to share that information with me. I of course would never have told Kacie, but the suspense would have killed me!!!!! So baby sister this post is for you! I am so excited for you and J! I am honored to be your matron of honor and celebrate with you guys during this exciting time!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

hard work

We've been in our home a month now and there are some things that still need addressing.... dining room furniture (which we still haven't bought).... furniture for our sitting area in our bedroom (which we still haven't bought).... my old bedroom furniture from mom and dad's that will go in our guest bedroom (which is still at mom and dad's) and then there are the flowerbeds. Thankfully we can now put a check by that item on our to do list. I am proud to say that I was a very hard worker in the 100 degree heat the other day. However I now (2 days later) have muscles aching that I didn't even know I had! To sum this up I like the finished product of hard work, but I know for sure that manual labor outside is just not for me!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, D!

Today my honey is 25! It's hard to believe he was only 16 when I met him. It's been so fun growing up with him. We have now celebrated 9 birthdays together! (Really this blog should be dedicated to Momma D for birthing him 25 years ago naturally... yes, without drugs.... what a woman!!!!)

Sweets, I love you so much and am so glad that God created you for me! I hope we get to celebrate 100 more birthdays together!

Here are 25 reasons why I love you so much:
25. You're extremely organized.
24. You pick up after yourself.
23. You adore your momma.
22. You have a great relationship with both our families.
21. You truly love others.
20. When people speak, you listen.
19. Even though it annoys me at times, I'm glad you're a guy who loves sports.
18. You're so great with Lils and Mags.
17. You can fix anything.
16. The way you handle our budget blows my mind... I am so thankful.
15. You are my favorite athlete to watch.
14. You make a mean milkshake.
13. You are a hard worker.
12. You're my favorite preacher.
11. You have amazing administration skills.
10. You put others before yourself.
9. You truly desire to be the man that God wants you to be.
8. I love that you are a die hard fan even though your team isn't always the best.
7. Not everyone can look so good covered in grass and dirt.
6. You'll be a great dad.
5. Little old ladies love you.
4. There's no on else I'd rather hang out with.
3. You are a mean wakeboarder.
2. You make great pancakes.
1. You put up with me!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our House

We are beyond blessed.

We have not completely finished decorating... hence the unfinished dining room, but we love our new home. The 4 bedrooms and 3 baths allow plenty of growing room for our family.... which will hopefully start growing sooner than later. :)


This week marked our very fist VBS at FBCHW. I am working with 21 kindergartners. Thankfully there are 5 of us adults in there so it's been very fun and manageable. I will forever have our camp theme song stuck in my head.... well at least the part that gets yelled a million times a night (our VBS is at night).... SON ROCK KIDS CAMP!

Yesterday around lunch time we took our youth to Shelby Farms for the afternoon. Daniel would choose the hottest day of the year to go, but at least we had a nice breeze every so often. We played flag football and kickball and needless to say we were definitely a stinky, sweaty sight for VBS when we got back to the church. But it was worth the stink and the sweat for a fun afternoon with some of the best youth around!

As for today, I am enjoying a very relaxing day at the house. No sweating for me today. (Yea, that's right I'm not exercising!) If you consider taking laundry up and down the steps then I guess I am gtting a small workout.

For all those still waiting on pictures of our house.... I'm grabbing the camera right now to take some pictures.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

life lesson

After a wonderful week at the beach, we are back home and well rested. We better be because this next week is VBS and then we leave the next week to head back to Florida with our youth for camp! What a busy, but very fun summer! I did learn a very important life lesson while at the beach: no matter what size you are.... there will always be someone who looks worse in a swimsuit than you. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

annual Burbee family photo shoot

Much to D's dismay, last night after dinner at Crab Trap, we had our annual family photo shoot. He hates taking pictures and this photo session usually lasts (as he says) 45 minutes to an hour. I don't think it actually lasts that long, but whatever we usually get great pictures from this time. Our Christmas card picture actually came from our family photo shoot last year at the beach. Here are some of the highlights from our annual Burbee family photo shoot.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Vacation is so wonderful. Here are a few pictures taken from dinner the last few nights.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

it's a hard life....

This is what I woke up to....