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Monday, July 29, 2013

Twin Update and Project Complete

I wanted to create a fun way to keep up with how many weeks I was and how big the babies were. I saw where a friend of mine on FB had created a chalkboard from a picture frame. I have somewhat of a creative streak, but more of 'I can think it and then want someone else to do it or I'll just buy it.' But in this case, someone else did all the creative work for me. Unfortunately I couldn't find it already like I wanted so I bought a frame, borrowed some supplies from Jules and d painted the plywood and attached it to my frame. Now I have a cute reminder of my growing babies on my wall. And a cute place to take pictures in front of so I can remember my growing belly. Here are my updated belly shots with my completed project. (I do realize I need to step back a bit so you can read the whole board, but you get the idea.)

15 weeks:
Cravings: anything dairy... but especially milk and colby jack cheese. (And no there have be no digestive complications with these :)

 16 weeks:
Cravings: green grapes and yogurt
Thankfully my cravings have become a little healthier than before. Hoping I can keep up the healthier food choices so I don't gain 8 lbs. this month like I did last month!

Due to lots of growing pains my dr. told me I need to be drinking lots of water. It's a good thing that I crave it and can't get enough. I literally have a cup or water bottle with me everywhere I go. The bad thing is that I'm spending a good portion of my day in the bathroom... which is annoying.

Frequently asked questions:
-How are you feeling? I'm feeling great! Other than growing pains and constantly having to pee I feel completely normal.

-Are you going to go back to teach this year? No, I didn't want to start a school year that I couldn't finish. Also, I have several friends with twins and a couple of them got put on bed rest early on so with my fall being unknown, I didn't want to risk starting. I will be transitioning the new supervisor throughout the month of August and will sub for as long as I can, but no, I am not going back to teaching.

-Will you have a reveal party? Yes! Hoping that both babies cooperate next month, we will have a party. I'm still thinking through how I want to do the reveal. I'd like to do something different, but I'm kind of at a loss for new ideas. If you've got something creative in mind, I'm all ears!

-Do y'all have any names picked out? No! We've got nothing. We are open to any suggestions.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Breastfeeding Controversy

I have nothing against breastfeeding. I plan on breastfeeding. Several people that I know though have shared stories on FB or have been very vocal about their opinions on it. So I thought since I have this blog and it has become a scrapbook of sorts for us that I'd share my opinion on here. This blog is only for those who choose to read my thoughts anyway so its not like I'm throwing my opinions on people who don't care like many do on FB. I realize that every woman is different and has their own opinion and conviction about what is right or wrong regarding this subject though.

Here's my opinion... I am for breastfeeding, but I am not for whipping out your boob in public for all to see. They make hooter hiders for a reason. For which I say, if you need to breast feed in public, pull out that hooter hider and feed away. (which to me still seems a little weird right now!) I realize this is a natural thing. God created our bodies to do such things, but I also believe their needs to be a level of modesty involved. Birthing your baby is also natural but you don't choose to lay down in the mall and push your kid out there for all to see.

Maybe I'm being naive because my babies aren't here yet and I haven't lived this, but I have watched several men in my life become very uncomfortable when we happen to be out and there's a woman breastfeeding without a hooter hider. Most of us would agree that we wouldn't walk around with our boobs exposed so why does it all of a sudden become acceptable to some if there's a baby attached?

Again, I realize there are a lot of opinions out there. This just happens to be mine as I've begun to think about my life as a new mom and decisions that come with that territory. Am I being naive? Am I being unreasonable? Do you agree? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Twin Update

Yesterday we had our monthly doctor's appointment and we were thrilled to see how much our sweet babies have grown and changed. Unfortunately we couldn't get clear shots of their little private parts but we got to see them squirm around, we saw their sweet profiles, legs crossed and one even sucking its thumb. We are in love with them already!

Yesterdays visit also took a long time. I know I have got to learn to be patient, but when you constantly have to pee (I went 4 times before I saw the doctor!) and then when you're hungry and they have the food network on you have to imagine it was a difficult waiting process... Especially knowing that we are fixing to see our babies again and possibly find out what gender they are.

Belly Update:

13 week belly shot:

14 week belly shot:

I'm actually 15 weeks this week, but have been working on a project so I'm waiting to take my 15 week picture in front of it. So stay tuned to the belly that is measuring at 19 weeks... (which my dr. said was normal since there are 2 in there!)

And last but certainly not least our sweet twins!

Top picture: Baby B sucking its thumb
Middle picture: Both babies together
Bottom picture: Baby A crossing its legs

Current cravings: Apple Toaster Streudels

Most frequently asked questions:
-"What do you think you're having?" I obviously have no magic powers but for some reason all along I've thought 2 boys. 
-"How are you feeling?" I have been feeling great! I've had a lot more energy and even bought a pregnancy workout dvd that I love.

Currently on the brain: baby names... and we've got nothing! We don't like any names. Hopefully when we finally know what they are the reality that these kids need names will sink in and names will start sounding better to us.

We can't wait until next month to see them again, but also see what gender baby a and baby b will be!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Luke 10:27

Last night D's message was powerful and convicting. I've said it before, but I know without a doubt God uses my husband to put me in my place without D even knowing it.

The passage was Luke 10:27. A passage we are all very familiar with and probably all learned as a preschooler. 24 years after learning this verse, its powerful words still convict and change lives... mine in particular.

Whats so great about this verse is that it takes all of Jesus' commands and sums them up in one simple verse. Reading the verse and applying it are 2 very different things though.

We first see that this verse is not a suggestion. It doesn't say if you feel like it, but you are simply to do it. Period.
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and love your neighbor as your self."

Seems like a simple task until we remember how sinful and selfish we are and how difficult people are. I'm normally a pretty sweet, chill person. I can talk to anyone. However these pregnancy hormones have made my level of patience and irritability with annoying/difficult people less tolerable. The saying some people need a high five in the face with a chair is definitely very strong and down right mean... but its a reminder of how much I need Jesus when I think this. :)

All of this to say, Luke 10:27 is not easy!

D had 2 points for last night that help indicate where we stand with this verse.

1. Attitude- Does my attitude reflect the first part of this verse: that I love God above all else?
3 words help define this:
-discipline- need to
-duty-ought to
-devotion- want to

Which word would describe my love for God?

2. Action- Do my actions result in the fact that I love God? If so, then as a result, I will genuinely love people.
3 questions:
-how well do I love people? This answer tells me how much I love Jesus.
-how content am I? when I put Jesus first then others, and then myself... only then will I find true joy and contentment
-what do my actions reveal? You always act what you truly believe

If we really love God like most of us would admit then the way we treat people will be different. There would be no faking, no pettiness, no gossip... only genuine love for others as a result of our love for Jesus.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Confessions from a rapidly growing fat girl

Yesterday at church I wore a simple black dress that had ruffles down the front middle section. Naturally my stomach has continued to grow, but apparently the ruffles made me look significantly bigger. I had numerous people make comments and then were shocked to find I'm only 15 weeks! All I could do is laugh and say yea, I'm going to be huge. A thought that continues to freak me out. And the fact that my sister sends me pictures of her 2 friends who had twins with their freakishly large stomachs doesn't help. It is what it is though and there's no turning back now.

Its seriously laughable to see girls post pictures of their stomachs at 20 weeks and I look down at my growing bump and think I looked like them 10 weeks ago! I am accepting the fact that I will have stretch marks, that my stomach will be huge... along with other body parts, and that life as we know it will change dramatically. I thought that both excites and scares me at the same time.

All of these confessions to say, my quiet time this morning was no coincidence, "Do not worry about tomorrow." A reminder that we all know and struggle with at times. However it was the fact that this statement is not a suggestion, but a command that got to me. The same God that saw fit to bless us with 2 babies... (at the same time!)... is the same God who goes before and prepares our way. The same God who promises to never leave us. The same God who's grace is sufficient for me and who's power is made perfect in my weakness.

So I may be a rapidly growing fat girl with worries and fears, but I have a God who is bigger than both.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I will be the first to admit I do not have it all together. I am not perfect. In fact if I'm being honest I am down right lazy by nature... add 2 growing humans in my uterus and you can guess how productive I've been lately.

Living with an OCD husband has definitely challenged me in the area of tidiness... there is a difference in clean vs tidy. I assure you. And those of you who have followed me on here for a while know my struggle with putting away laundry. Thankfully I had a burst of energy recently and I'm happy to report that there is not a single item of clothing in or on top of my dryer. Mark it down... this may not happen again for a long time.

All of this honesty to say, my tendency for laziness also pours into other areas of my life including my time with the Lord. I've learned over the years how crucial this time is. I've seen it's effects in my life and know its essential. Lately the Lord has been showing me that yes, I may seek him daily, but am I earnestly seeking him. I was reading in Hebrews 11... the By Faith chapter.... which is always very convicting. Vs. 6 says, "And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him." I had to stop reading because it was as if the word earnestly was in big, bold, flashing lights. I know what earnestly means but I wanted to know more... I looked it up and this is how its defined:

1. Marked by or showing deep sincerity or seriousness: an earnest gesture of goodwill.
2. Of an important or weighty nature; grave.
3. With a purposeful or sincere intent: settled down to study in earnest for the examination.
4. Serious; determined:

Yes, I may seek the Lord daily, but am I seeking him purposefully and with sincere intent?

I've continued to have the phrase "earnestly seek Him" roll around in my brain and I can't help but think as believers what would happen if we all chose daily to not just seek him.... although many of just need to get started! But what would happen if we all began to earnestly seek him... with a serious, determined, deep sincerity? I know its kind of bold to say, but I'm pretty sure petty arguments would dissolve, families could be restored, and lives would be completely changed. Not because of anything we are doing but because when we earnestly seek the Lord our lives couldn't help but be transformed. Our desires become his desires. Our goal becomes Jesus.

So who's with me?! Its time to not only seek Him daily, but let's earnestly seek him!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Update

Our summer is flying by! This past January, I agreed to keep 3 very sweet little girls this summer. This was well before I was pregnant... and with twins. I had such great plans of fun activities scheduled for each week. Then I discovered how it feels to grow 2 people.... I could barely get off the couch. I knew pregnancy brought on a level of tiredness, but I had no idea. Unfortunately those first few weeks with the girls were also consumed with an extremely sensitive nose that made me gag often and waves of nausea throughout the day. Needless to say, I am grateful that these girls are precious and play well together without needing my constant attention.

June 9-15 we went to Panama City with our students for camp. This was a different camp experience for me for sure. I was trying to stay rested and hydrated... all the while being exhausted no matter how much rest I got. Every morning, when our students would go to their bible study/rec groups, D would have a leader meeting/devo time with our adults in one of our rooms. I don't think I successfully stayed awake for a whole meeting. Thankfully I feel that stage is behind me.

We had a great week at camp with 1 salvation and several sincerely desiring to go deeper in their walks with Christ. This week was bitter sweet. I kept thinking this time next year I'm going to have 2 6month olds... and we'll probably be in a condo next door so my role as a camp leader will def be different.

The week after camp, we had a dr.'s appointment where we go to see our 2 sweet babies once again. I posted the up to date picture in my last post. I will be getting an ultrasound every month so we'll really get to see how they develop over the next few months. When I hit 11 weeks, my nausea began to go away and I seemed to have gained more energy. Don't get me wrong, I can take a nap any time any where, but I feel up to so much more than before.

Here's a pic of me at 11 weeks after our doctors appointment:

I know these kids are Daniel Jerkins' because I am thoroughly enjoying some of his favorite things that are normally not really on my radar: choc milk, ice cream, and candy.

 Last week, we went to Greers Ferry Lake with Daniel's family for our annual vaca. Like camp, this was a very different experience than what I'm use to. The doctor said I could get on the boat as long as the water was smooth. I went out for 10 minutes the first day and was so paranoid he looked at me and said, "Do you want us to take you back to the house?" I of course said, "Yes!" So the rest of my week I spent reading lots of books, taking naps and laying out. It was a very different lake trip for me, but very relaxing. I kept telling myself to enjoy it because next year wrestling 2 6 month olds at the lake won't be so relaxing.

Now we are back to the real world with no other vacations planned until September. Kind of depressing but it gives me time to use my new found energy to do laundry and clean my house and all the things my sweet husband has taken over since these 2 precious little ones sucked all my energy.

Here's my 12 week photo:

I have really been loving lemon flavored things this week. My favorites this past week were a lemon cupcake and lemon heads candy.

Normally I get really sad when we hit July because I know school is just around the corner. Thankfully my budget genius husband handles our money so well that he has worked it so that I do not have to go back to work in the fall. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to stay home and raise our precious babies.

Here's to hoping for a fun, healthy, energy filled 2nd trimester and rest of the summer!