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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


My babies turn TWO on Friday. It.can.not.be.possible. Regardless of my feelings and my desire to slow down time... My babies are growing and aren't technically babies anymore. I feel like I can still call them babies at least until Friday... 

Literally in the last month I feel like they have changed so much. They look like little boys and their speech is growing rapidly. A lot of what they say isn't perfectly clear but they're putting words together and repeating everything... EVERYTHING. 

-11-13 hours a night
-3 hour naps 
Jude sleeps with his puppy lovie, blanket and paci.
Luke sleeps with his blanket and paci.
(Saying goodbye to pacis January 1.)

-anything sweet! 
However, when I dont allow cookies for dinner they eat meatloaf the best. 

Favorite toy:
Jude- balls, Brown Bear book
Luke- buckets, arm bands (like the live strong kind)

Favorite song:
Jude- Itsy Bitsy Spider
Luke- Mr. Alligator

Fun developments:
-Luke loves hugging and snuggling with Jude. Jude does not.
-Everytime we get in the car they take off their socks and shoes.
-When they hear upbeat music, they automatically start dancing.

We are definitely entering into a fun season of wills and opinions, but overall they are still very easy guys... not perfect but I certainly can not complain. 

Happy 2 years to my favorite guys!