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Sunday, June 24, 2012


My goal was to run a half marathon this spring. With a stress fracture in my foot and a hurt hip that lingered forever.... my half marathon training had to be postponed. When I heard about a 10k that was basically in my backyard this summer, I was most def interested. I knew I could run 6 miles but I was unsure I could run 6 miles in the heat and over the hills that made up this course.

As race day approached I began to get really excited because I knew I was prepared. Unfortunately, my running buddy got pneumonia and then I got the stomach bug the week of the race! As you can imagine my confidence was slipping at my abilities to run 6 miles under these conditions: heat, hills, no running partner, and no strength.

Thankfully my strength returned enough where I was determined to run no matter what my time was. I also had a friend text me and say that she saw my name on the race list and was signing up to run too. So now I had a running buddy and the determination to complete this race.

Yesterday was the day. I'll be honest... I was nervous. I had no idea how my body would respond... how much stamina I would have. The race was at 8:00am so the heat wasn't too bad and a lot of the race was shaded. Also, the people in the neighborhood had sprinklers pointed at the road so we ran through every single one which helped a ton. Mile 4 I was feeling it, but I knew I was more than half way done and dead gum it I was going to finish and finish strong.

I was hoping to finish at an hour or under but ended up finishing at an hour and 6 minutes... but I finished... and had a blast.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

Sunday was Father's Day. I realize that most years I have mentioned something about our mom's for mother's day, but never have written anything about our dads. If I have never mentioned before, we are so blessed to have such great parents that even now are still our biggest prayer warriors and fans.

Mike Burbee and John Jerkins are two of the greatest men I've ever known. They both possess such strength, faith and integrity. They work harder than most and never complain. They love their family more than things and make sure we always know they love us and support us.

Mike set the standard for the guys kc and I would date and marry. We knew because of his work ethic, the way he loved us and our mom that we couldn't settle for just any guy. He was always available, always coaching us, and making sure we knew we were beautiful and loved. We have never had to doubt his love for us. I am so thankful to have a dad like him.

I can't help but love John Jerkins because I married the younger version of him. D's people skills, love for the Lord, and even his mannerisms are just like his dads. I know D is the man he is because of his dad's strong influence in his life. His dad was his best man in our wedding and even today is his male confidant. I am so thankful to Papa John for raising such an amazing guy that I am so thankful today to call mine.

Daddy and Papa John- We love you guys so much. We are so thankful for your constant love, encouragement, and support. We wouldn't be the people we are today without you.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Little Jerkins Getaway

These last few months we have been on an emotional roller coaster. It has been a bittersweet time for goodbyes, hellos and everything else in between. God has been moving in our lives like never before. Our minds have literally been spinning the last few months as God has revealed many different truths to us. We decided we needed to get away from our normal routine just the two of us and relax.

Enter one of our favorite places on earth: Heber Springs, AR.

D has been going there since he was a kid for family vacations. The last 12 years I've been graciously allowed to join them. The scenery is beautiful. There is nothing fancy about this small, lake town, but its a refreshing escape like no other. We actually spent our 1st anniversary here as well. So when we tried to decide where we'd like to go on our getaway there answer was a no brainer. We literally only had about 30 hours to getaway but even that was well worth it.

We left Friday at lunch time and headed north. We stopped in Bald Knob at one of our favorite places: Bulldog Restaurant for a quick snack.


Then before we knew it we were looking at this....

Even though we were gone a short period of time, its amazing how getting away from the hustle and bustle of life can give you new perspective and a refreshed spirit.... and a sunburn.

Though these last few months have been the most difficult of our lives, we are so thankful for them. They have brought us closer as a couple and most importantly closer to Christ.

So the little Jerkins getaway proved to be a refreshing success and one that will be repeated year after year.... maybe with some more sunscreen next time.

The Scare

Tuesday night about 9:30 I was laying on our bed watching TV upstairs. D was in the shower. All of a sudden I hear our alarm chime like one of our doors had been opened. I first freak out and thought someone just walked into our house and then questioned whether or not I really heard that... no question about it, I did.

I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom and told D, someone just opened one of our doors! He jumped out of the shower, threw on some clothes on and proceeded to look at our alarm pad in our room. He could tell that something/someone was walking around downstairs because the alarm went from being ready to set to not being ready. I was scared but really ok until he said, "Someone's walking around downstairs. Go call 911." I grabbed my phone and went into our closet and called 911.

First of all the lady asked me a million and one questions... all I wanted to hear from her was someone is on the way. She had in fact sent someone once I told her my address but good grief tell me that at the beginning instead of asking me dumb questions! At this point I walk back into the bedroom to see D grab this flower arrangement that has a heavy base... I assume he's was going to use it as a weapon if needed. And then he proceeded to walk downstairs.

I stayed at the top of the stairs with the dispatcher on the phone. A few minutes later D explained that there's no one downstairs. The police arrived. We decided it must have been a faulty alarm or the door that goes into our garage came open just enough to set it off. And the best we can figure, our sensor upstairs was catching d's elbow when he was looking at the alarm pad and he was setting off the sensor.

So... after a 10 minute freak out of thinking someone was in my house then to find out no one actually was...  I had to sleep with our bedroom door shut, alarm on... and even then it took me forever to go to sleep! I'll even admit that I was so freaked out that I went to work with D that next day. I had already planned on getting out there around lunch time to help him, but after that... it was a done deal I was going with him when he left.

D had already decided he wanted a gun for our house and this confirmed it b/c lets be honest what was a heavy potted plant really going to do to protect us... after the fact we remembered there was a machete in his office.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Begins

Summer begins or really already began... and that means my blog posts come few and far between.... which seems weird because you'd think I'd have more time to blog. Unfortunately that's no true.

We are in full summer mode now. Last week was VBS at Millington, VBS at Bellevue, and my summer care program at school started. Always a fun, crazy, busy week... and it def. was.

Yesterday we celebrated this guys 28th birthday.

 He gets better looking every year.

We started his big day off with one of his favorite breakfasts....

Then he got to spend 3 hours at the dentist getting a root canal. Happy Birthday to him, right?

That afternoon we had a youth pool party in this cool pool.

 Where the students surprised him with a cake and whip cream to the face.

We ended his birthday with Bone Fish Grill for dinner with the fam and then an unbelievably good cake.

Summer continues with....
-pool time
-lake trip
-summer camp
-mission trip
-mini getaway
-lunches with friends
-birthday celebrations
-volleyball league

Summers are crazy, but we welcome them gladly!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Life Lately


  Beginning of the week was spent pool side with my favorites.

 Yesterday allie and I had planned on running at 4:00. This was before we knew the thunderstorms were rolling in. She was already where we had planned to run and said it wasn't doing much so I should head on. Well, on my way there it was coming down! Rain, lightening, thunder.... so yes were are crazy, but it was a very fun run. The rain lightened up and the lightening had pretty much stopped. See mom, we were just fine.

I've discovered I really am addicted when I'm willing to run not only in the rain, but during a thunderstorm... maybe its just stupidity... either way I love it. 10k here we come.