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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Try It Tuesday

I am such a sucker at Sam's. It is physically impossible to go in there and spend less than $100... ok thats an exaggeration... it's impossible for the Jerkins'... or may be just one Jerkins to spend less than $100. The other night was no exception.

We needed a few things like fruit, milk, laundry stuff... I'm talking less than 10 items. And somehow we ended up spending over $100. It may or not be because d and I both love food and when we see something that looks good... even if we have just strategically eaten dinner so we wouldn't buy on impulse... its still hard to pass up good looking stuff. This Try It Tuesday was one of our many finds and it is delish.

Cinnamon Apple Straws

They taste like taco bell's cinnamon twists with apple flavoring. If you like a crunchy snack. This is def one for you.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Girls Gone Wise

Ok, seriously when I heard there was a women's bible study with this titled I def. laughed out loud and made fun of it. Then as the opportunity to teach a discipleship class focused around women presented itself God laid this study on my heart. Jokes on me now. Does God have a sense of humor or what?

This Sunday we will begin Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild. As I received all my stuff in the mail, I began to really get excited. Who wouldn't with a cute, cheesy, red bag like this?!

Then as I began studying I knew it was no accident this was what I would be teaching. It's very basic stuff but powerful if we as women will take it and apply it. I don't want to give too much away but what God has challenged me with is this:

We are all girls gone wild. No we may not be college girls going around flashing our chest to cameras, but in our own sinful way we are wild.... because we are sinners at heart.

Just because we may be minister wives, sing in the choir, teach sunday school, etc... doesn't exempt us from falling into the trap of sin. We are all fair game... if we aren't careful. This study will open our eyes to what the world is throwing at us and by using scripture (focusing on Proverbs 7) we will be able to identify it and stay away from the trap.

Now many of you may say Candace, really?! Another study on how to be a godly woman. I know how to do that. I have a phd in it. Well congratulations to you... you are a liar. This is more than just a study on how to be a godly woman. Its a study to open our eyes to the sin that so easily entangles us. I'm not talking necessarily about big sin though many fall into big sins like adultery. I'm talking things as simple as bitterness, unforgiveness, bad attitudes, and selfishness. We may not be having an affair with another man but I guarantee you some of our behaviors and the things we say or don't say are screaming another story. How do we keep from letting this stuff happen? How do we achieve being a godly woman?

It all starts at the foot of the cross. From there we learn why Christ must be central. Why his word must be what we know and crave because if we know Christ and His word then we'll recognize the wolf in sheep's clothing. We'll see our sin immediately, confess it and turn. We don't have to wallow in our sin because as girls gone wise we can recognize it before it ever gets a hold of us. And the best part part of all... even if you know for certain I am THE girl gone wild -there's good news... Christ can turn any girl gone wild into a girl gone wise.