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Monday, October 27, 2014

Real Life

(I wrote this several months ago, but forgot to publish it. Most things still are applicable today.)

I hope I never come across as a mom/woman who has it all together all the time because I don't. In case, there's ever any doubt...

-Sunday, I almost left for church without shoes.

-Last week I had to wash clothes everyday because my babies kept pooping through their clothes and sheets.

-I lose my phone numerous times a day.

-I'm probably asking for new undergarments for Christmas because I can't remember the last time I bought new ones.

-I feel like a member of a dairy farm. No, not a worker, but a cow who seems to be constantly getting every ounce of milk sucked out of her.

-Most days I find a cheerio stuck to the bottom of my foot because I pour them on my living room rug and let my babies eat them off of it.

-Most days I think I have more baby drool and snot on me than make up. And on the days I do decide to look cute, no outfit is complete without either of the above said things.

-As a stay at home mom, more things should be accomplshed around my house on a daily basis, but most nap times my couch and a nap win out.

Jude and Luke 10 months

Life around our house has been full of babbling, crawling, pulling up, and cruising. 

Jude has 3 bottom teeth. Luke has 2.

Jude is still army crawling. Luke is normal crawling.

Jude just learned to pull up. Luke has been pulling up for awhile and is now cruising.

Jude weighs 20.5lbs. Luke weighs 20lbs.

Jude's favorite word: va-va-va-va... whatever that is.

Luke uses more blend combos. He did say, "Bye-Bye" the other night.

They both wave bye-bye.

Jude shakes his head "no" very dramtically. It's funny when he does it as I'm telling Luke "no." It's ironic because Luke so far seems to understand it better than Jude. Luke will stop what he's doing. Jude will smile and keep doing it.

In their babble, they've both said, "mom-mom-mom" and "da-da-da"... now if they were referring to us I'm not sure. I doubt it.

Jude has become more picky in eating. Luke seems to eat anything. Luke decided baby food was not for him and much prefers real food. Both babies prefer to eat whatever we are eating even if they've already eaten.

Their current favorite food: blueberries.

They drink 4 bottles a day and eat 3 meals a day. 

Their favorite toy is a ball... doesn't matter what kind. They throw it then chase it. Then eat it. Then repeat.

They sleep 10-12 hours a night. And they take two 1.5-2.5 hour naps a day.

They love people and most of the time give smiles freely. Luke smiled and flirted with the nurse who gave him his flu shot while Jude gave her death stares the whole time.

We've recently converted our living into a safe baby room. Removing the dvds and xbox out from under the tv. Moving the love seat out from the corner as well as the curtains and making that the baby corner where they can play freely. Baby gates are on the stairs and door ways to keep them contained. They love to move and explore and touch EVERYTHING. Life is busy, but oh so fun. I find myself saying no numerous times a day. The teaching and training is in full swing. It's not always a fun job, but I know its a very important one. The sweet, chubby, baby squeezes make up for the not so fun parts.

And my favorite part of this corner is the phot collages that disply their newborn pics and more recent ones. 

Life this last month:

They really are excellent babies, but sometimes we do have moments like this:

Happy 10 months!