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Saturday, July 16, 2011

What a Week

This past week has been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster. It's been cool though to experience God's peace through this time. I have watched as D as he has ministered to Andrew's family, our students, performed the funeral.... all while still preparing for our Haiti trip next week. I've stood back so amazed at the the strength he's had through this. He's not one to stress about things, but I know for sure the power of prayer has been evident in our lives this week. Thank you for your prayers, concern, and support. We have felt carried for sure!

Wednesday D performed the funeral. It was perfect. His friends put together a slide show with Uncle Kracker's "You Make Me Smile," friends and family shared stories, the Fayette Academy band that he was apart of played, and then D shared fun memories and stories and explained that Christ is our only hope. It was perfect. It was a sweet day of celebrating Andrew.

Now we are Haiti bound. We are so excited to get away and see God move in our lives, our leaders, and our students this week. Please continue to lift us up in prayer!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We had a lake trip planned for our students this past Saturday. This was would have been our 3rd annual lake trip with them. They love this trip. We go and spend a day at a near by lake and have several parents bring their boats so everyone can swim, tube, ski, wake board , etc.

Early Saturday morning, we got a phone call... thinking it was an excited student with some silly question. The student left a voice mail. Daniel grabs his phone, listens to the message, sits up, and says, "I hope this is a joke." That got my attention so I sat up in bed. He immediately called our student, Hunter, back. I hear, through tears Hunter say, "Andrew was hit by a car early this morning and he didn't make it." WHAT???!!! We had just seen Andrew Wednesday night, Daniel had just spoken to him a few hours earlier.... this can't be right. But it was. Andrew was gone. Our Andrew, who Hunter had brought randomly about a year and a half early with him one Wednesday night. Never really been in church before, they decided they wanted to go to an African American church close to their house so they came to ours. :) To their surprise... we were not. Hunter comes to some of our events and trips, but Andrew was hooked.... except for Sunday School... being there at 9:00 was hard for him... or so he said. So he would always be waiting for us in the sanctuary with a smile and a wave and begin his excuse before we could even get to him of why he wasn't there an hour earlier.

After meeting with his family and friends Saturday morning, we heard the whole story. Andrew had friends over at his house Friday night. It was 2:00-3:00 in the morning and everyone was leaving. His friend Charlie was walking home and Andrew was teasing the car of girls in his driveway. Apparently he didn't want them to leave so he was laying in front of the car or something like that (this detail is still vague to us) and they thought he had moved so the car lurched forward and one of the tires ran over him. A complete freak accident, but so very life changing.... for his family, friends, and now those precious girls.

Needless to say once we got off the phone with Hunter Saturday morning, we cancelled the lake trip. Daniel sent a text to our students saying that we'd be at the church if they wanted to just come be with us, each other, or to talk. We pulled in the parking lot at the specified time to find a parking lot full of cars. What was originally meant for our student ministry became an outreach event to over 100 family, friends, and classmates. We had a time for celebrating Andrew's life with stories, D sharing about dealing with grief and mourning which led to Jesus being our only hope. It was a sweet time.

Because Andrew was such an active part of our student ministry and loved our trips, his parents are asking in lieu of flowers that people give to our Andrew Tate Student Scholarship Fund. Money that is given will go towards letting those students who can't afford camp be able to go and experience Christ. What a wonderful way for his legacy and love of life to live on.

Please be praying for us the next couple of days. The visitation is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow at his school, Fayette Academy. D will be doing the funeral. Him and D were very close so as honored as Daniel is, this will be tough. Please continue to pray for his family, for the girls involved, our students... who are really having a hard time, and for us... for those that will be a the funeral... we're expecting hundreds and the gospel will be presented... pray for us for wisdom as we love on these students. This won't be an easy road, but God is faithful. He is good regardless of our circumstances.

Riverkings game

2011 Drew Barham Night

Corey and Andrew would stop by D's office frequently after school and play.

Lake trip last year.

2010 fall camping trip

2010 Winter Camp

2010 Summer Camp

2011 VBS

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Current Summer Favorites

-fresh fruit... I can not get enough! Watermelon, canteloupe, pineapple.... it doesn't matter.

-Yankee car gel - Pineapple Cilantro

- From Bath and Body Works: white citrus lotion, fresh watermelon hand soap

-cupcakes from gigi's or muddy's... doesn't matter.... I love the moist cake and the 5 delicious inches of icing! I'm a big fan of the choc cupcake with choc icing topped with choc chips. There's also a banana/choc one that is delicious... the cupcake part is banana nut bread.

-new running shoes- While in Destin, we hit the outlets. I went in the the Saucony store just to browse. They ended up fitting me for some new running shoes. They were having a great sale which made my new shoes dirt cheap. I couldn't say No.

While on the topic of shoes.... next time you see Daniel Jerkins, ask him how many pairs of shoes he got while on vacation. I got 2 and let's just say he got twice as many as me. He may or may not have said that my love for shoes has rubbed off on him.

-girls' nights- We recently went and celebrated June birthdays. Having a night with my girlfriends was so refreshing especially since I don't get to see them all as frequently as I would like!

-musicals- I may be slightly obsessesed with High School Musical. I love musicals. I sometime wish life was a musical... and I could sing.

-zumba/turbo kick- my friend Rachel is instructing this class... let me start by saying that I look like a fool, but it is so much fun! I am a sweaty mess but I burn so many calories. I also turned my pedo on my watch and it said it was equivalent to running 3 miles.

What are some of your summer favorites?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jury Duty

So once we finally got home from all of our trips, low and behold I had jury duty. I was dreading it! I did have some friends that were able to choose the same week so I knew I wouldn't be alone... or so I thought.

Monday rolls around.... I left bright and early to make sure I didn't get stuck in traffic. Of course, there was none the day I left plenty of extra time for it and I was there like 40 minutes early. :) Good problem to have since I wasn't really sure where I was going to park. There are several lots and garages that are fairly cheap... but they aren't close to the court house. So being the Sheila that I have become.... I decided it was worth the $8 to park directly across the street and feel safe.

I parked and walked into the building feeling like such an adult. I have moments that I still feel 16. Then there are other times when I'm dealing with a doctor's office or walking to jury duty when I realize I have indeed grown up.

After listening to an hour and a half introduction.... I thought I was going to die... not really but I had to go to the bathroom so bad! Lesson #1 Pee before going in for the jury introduction... it lasts what feels like and eternity. After role call, I finally slipped out thankful for a potty break. As I walked back in they were calling the first pool of jurors. My hoping for a day of simply reading a great book came to a screeching hault when I heard, "Candace Jerkins." What?! I got called?!

The 40 of us walked out of the room and filled out a piece of paper about ourselves. Then we walked over to the court house and waited an hour and a half for them to come tell us they had taken us to the wrong court. We were suppose to go to 201 not the the actual courthouse. They messed up. Great start. So we get to the correct building and they call 20ish names to be questioned for the jury. Again my name was called.... I was shocked. We walked in to a real court room and sat in the jurors chairs.... it was becoming real. Though I had no idea what to expect I was loving every second! After some casual questioning they picked the jury they wanted and I was apart of it. Juror #6 to be exact.... so said my badge. After an afternoon of giving us a law review, we were dismissed for the day.

The next day I weighed the options of the $8 parking and again safety/convenience won over price. It was so wonderful to park, walk directly across the street, go through the metal detectors, and then meet in our jurors room sweat free. Before we knew it we were called to the court room. We heard from both attorneys, saw the evidence, and heard from the witnesses. This was real. I was apart of it. Yet very glad I did not go into this profession.

So then it was Wednesday, we have now learned the defendent shot at his girl friends car after she wouldn't give him his clothes that were in her trunk. A month later when the police went with a warrant to pick him up, he was found at another girls apartment. (the one he was cheating with which led to the first dispute) After 15 minutes, the girl came to the door. They searched the apartment and found him hiding in the REFRIGERATOR. When asked what he was doing he replied, "Just chillin'." I am so serious. The whole courtroom died laughing!

We took a lunch break and then once we had come back and were waiting the deputy came and shut our jurors door and said there was a minor crisis and we were on lockdown. What?! We looked out the window and there were several firetrucks and squad cars. Come to find out, a judge on our floor had opened a package and white powder went everywhere so it had to be tested. The judge came to our room and explained this to us. He gave us the option of staying around and finishing the trial that afternoon... not really knowing how long it would take or coming back the next day. We opted to finish that day. We soon learned that the defense attorney wasn't allowed in the building during lock down so no one could find him or get in touch with him so we had to go back the next day afterall.

So Thursday was the day. After being there all week, hearing all that we needed to it was time to make a decision.... oh but wait. They have to randomly draw 2 names for those 2 to be alternates.... basically meaning after all that time put into the trial they get dismissed. Wouldn't you know it.... I'm one of them! I was so bummed!!!! The judge thanked us for our time, gave us a certificate and told us we could stay and hear the verdict or go home.

I waited for a little while but not knowing how long the jury would deliberate I decided to go home. I actually knew one of the other jurors.... well, I graduated with his wife so I just messaged her to have her get the info from her husband.

Sadly, the verdict was not guilty. There wasn't enough evidence to prove he had a gun and he made the shot.... even though he was just chillin' in the frig. :)

It was a very fun expereince. So those of you dreading it... its nothing to sweat.