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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29, 2013

One year ago today we found out that I had a precious baby growing inside of me. Little did we know it was actually 2 precious babies! What a shock it was. I had been having some issues so I had gone to the doctor. Before they would do anything, they wanted to run a check on my blood. Before we knew it, they said, Congrats! You're pregnant. We were so excited and in shock. We laughed and cried. What a life changing day that was.

As I look back over this past year, it was one of the craziest and most fun. We watched my belly grow from a little nothing to a very large home for 2 people. It was a roller coaster of tiredness, weird growing pains, sensitivity to smells, and bed rest as we tried to keep them in there as long as possible!

April 29, 2013 changed everything. We had no idea that the adventure we were about to embark on would be so preciously overwhelming, scary, fun, satisfying, and oh so very fulfilling. 

Grace has been a word that I can not get out of my head. I've heard it defined as undeserved favor. I've never felt God's grace more than when I think about salvation, the man he created for me and when I look into the sweet faces of Jude and Luke.

2 babies

Beginning of pregnancy: First belly shot at 12 weeks

End of pregnancy: Just shy of 37 weeks

Taken Monday night at my grandmothers and the babies were born Wednesday.

December 18, 2013

April 2014
Undeserved favor... grace.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Jude and Luke 4 months

My sweet baby boys are 4 months old as of April 18. They have been growing like weeds and making our life so fun.

We are doing lots of tummy time....

and bumbo sitting.

The babies went to their first redbirds game and fireworks show. They loved it despite their faces here.

They particpated in their first picnic.

They adore their daddy. And their daddy is pretty crazy about them too.

Easter Sunday

4 month check up/shots:
Jude weighed 14.6.
Luke weighed 14.4.
Both are 25 in. in length.

We took a trip to Springfield, MO so the boys could meet their great grandparents.

I finally moved them to their cribs and they sleep like champs... other than Jude waking up and talking around 4-5. He goes back to sleep but apprently can't hold his thoughts in until the sun comes up.

Happy 4 months Jude and Luke! These have been the sweetest 4 months of our lives.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I am an extrovert so I love people. I love going and doing. I have always loved being busy. Most of our married life on most nights we have had something going on. And we have loved every minute.  I've always known that our lives would have to slow down once kids came along. So we took advantage of being able to be out most nights and then cherished even more our free nights at home because they were rare. Busyness just happened. Sports, church events, family/friend gatherings.... by no means has our busyness been bad things. We have loved all of it, but it's kept us busy.

Now that the babies are here, we still have busy weeks. We still play sports. We still attend and lead church events. And we still participate in family and friend gatherings. However, God has been greatly working in my life in the area of "busyness." 

I remember Dr. Roger saying, "If the devil can't make you bad, He'll make you busy." Busyness can be a bad thing. When we are too busy to take the time to invest in people, to maintain our homes and other important responsibilities, and of course when our relationship with the Lord is suffering even if we are doing "His work..." busyness has become bad.

The other day I blogged about some things that God had used from a study I was doing to challenge me. I have not been able to get this one out of my mind:

"We so easily get caught in the captivity of activity. God never meant for us to live frenzied lives. We should find rest in His will and do those things well."

God has given me a specific purpose in this season of life. He has made clear my current responsibilities. If I neglect these things because I say yes to lots of other good things... even church things... then I am allowing busyness to rule my life. 

I have learned its ok to say No. Though its not easy for my people pleasing self, I am learning there is peace, joy and contentment in resting and doing only those things God has called me to. By saying no to other things, I am able to give myself fully to the things that are important instead of giving half an effort and doing a mediocre job.

I am still very much learning this lesson. So together let's not allow busyness to rule our lives. Let's rest in the freedom of doing what God has called us to and let's do those things well.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A little coffee and a lot of Jesus

I saw a quote and I feel like it's fitting for any stage of life, but as a new momma it rings truer than ever.

"I need a little coffee and a lot of Jesus." 

The babies are great. I have to constantly remind myself how blessed we are to have good babies. I run into people all the time who talk about their babies not sleeping through the night or tell me their babies cried all the time. My babies certainly are not perfect, but if we keep their tummies full and bottoms clean they're pretty happy. 

But momma still needs her coffee and a lot more of Jesus! I love having twins. They are so fun. I obviously can't imagine just having 1. The challenge of 2 babies is not always easy though but I like a good challenge so it makes life fun. I think me preparing myself for the worst makes having good babies seem effortless at times... at times. Not always. This was probably the best strategy I had in preparation for multiples. Not to mention my morning coffee helps get me going. 

Morning coffee. check.
Feed babies. check.

Then comes the most crucial part of my day. I lay my sweet full tummied babies on a pillow in front of me. I talk and sing to them (enjoying so much their sweet smiles and coos!) until they drift back off to sleep. Then out comes my bible and beth moore devo. I am currently going through her Whisper of Hope with a friend. I was skeptical. It was my friends idea to go through this book, but she seemed excited about it and I love Beth Moore so I agreed. It has been such a great encouragement to me. There are devos that make me dig into scripture and then her own commentary followed by journaling out our prayers. (praise, repentence, acknowledgement, interecession, supplication for self, equipping) I have been greatly challenged to pray intentionally and to pray boldy. 

I am constantly reminded of how much I need Jesus. My lack of patience, love, faith, mercy etc... I could go on and on. Here are some of the things that have greatly challenged me during this study.

*We usually think of rebellion as an alternate life style, drugs, etc. Scripture makes it clear that rebellion is simply refusing God's counsel. How many times do I neglect the freedom that I have to bring my peteitions to him? To refuse his counsel and attempt to do things on my own #1 is dumb and #2 its a form of rebellion.

*We so easily get caught in the captivity of activity. God never meant for us to live frenzied lives. We should find rest in His will and do those things well.

*Our faith is founded on fact. Christ erased all doubt. His followers didn't give their lives for a hope. Had they doubted, they would have given in under pressure, but they confidently died for Christ's sake becaue they didn't just believe He was who He said He was but they knew.

*Christ lived for one purpose: to do the will of the Father. If our heart's desire is to do God's will then we will wait for His timing even when the pause is long and uncomfortable. Faith affects our attitude about timing.

*Many of us stand on the word of God but rarely get off of it and open it. We claim to believe what we know little about.

*Moses didn't want victory if it meant leaving God's presence. He didn't want good results. He wanted God. How would you feel if God promised you success and victory without His presence? Would we know the difference?

*We shouldn't just seek Him, but earnesty seek Him. That's where true joy, peace and contentment are found.  

*People who constantly speak out in bitterness, complain, or are just negative all the time are really trapped in bondage. Rather than trying to avoid them at all cost, we should pray for their release and pray that God would give us mercy and help us respond positively in their presence.

*Our faith should not rest in God's activity but in His identity. That way when you don't know what God is doing you can find stability in who He is.

Because we live in a fallen world, have busy lives, and people can be annoying, I am constantly reminded how much I need a little coffee and a lot more of Jesus.