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Friday, April 17, 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Life with 16 month olds

15 month dr's visit confirmed we have some growing, healthy boys.
Jude was 23lbs
Luke was 22lbs.

Both 70th percentile in height.
Both 50th percentile in weight.

Favorite food: hot dogs and waffles

Favorite toy: any type of ball

Favorite activity:
Luke- throwing a ball

Words- momma, da, ball, milk, waffle, bye-bye, hi, please, thank you.... and in the last weekthey both   started trying to repeat everything we say.

Luke is basically running everywhere.
Jude is more confidently walking with stiff legs and break dance arms for balance.

Jude loves wearing hats.

Luke loves playing with bottles... and drinking daddy's chocolate milk.

They love brushing their teeth.

We are soaking up all this nice weather by having lots of park and zoo adventures.

There are some mixed emotions with the swings.

We love to go on walks during the day.

Zoo fun

Jude has found a love for climbing.

And d ordered this basketball goal for them. Not sure who's having more more with it... them or us!


(I started writing this post a long time ago.)

It's official. I am a mom to 2 walkers. 

Luke began this adventure at the end of January. He took his time and 1 step quickly became several. It was a gradual process for him. He took his time and mastered it gracefully. His slow wobble has turned into a confident walk (more like run) now.

In the last couple of days (this would have been end of February/beginning of March)it's as if a switch was flipped for Jude and he thought, "Hey, I can do this, too." He went from only walking while holding onto something or someone to taking many steps on his own. His walk is still a bit of a drunken sailor, but he smiles from ear to ear thrilled with his accomplishment. The cutest part is that he waves as he walks entertaining all who are around. (Sadly the wave has gone away but in its place are break dancing hands as he tries to keep his balance.)

Their learning to walk styles greatly expresses their personalities. Luke is cautious, inquisitive, and likes to figure things out so its no surprise that he slowly figured out that one step leads to two and so on. Jude was all or nothing. When "practicing" he would take one step and then literally leap instead of walking until it clicked and one step wasn't enough. He was all in. 

I was in no hurry for them to learn. Two walkers was intimidating. Although my momma heart might burst with pride over their cuteness in this new adventure now. My "fear" of this new stage has been replaced with gratefulness that they're developing and growing. This new stage of life definitely brings new challenges, but one I am enjoying more than I ever imagined.