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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

What a difference a year makes!

Jude and Luke 12 months

My babies are ONE. The first few months felt like 3 years but then it was as if time flew and here we are 2 weeks after their first birthday. What a fun, challenging year its been!

12 hours a night
2 naps a day that are 2-3 hours long

No more bottles
Sippy cups of whole milk
(My pumping days are over! I got very emotional about returning the breast pump. It felt very much like the end of an era. But then that first day that I didn't pump I felt like yelling FREEEEEDOM at the top of my lungs. A very good milestone that I'm excited we finally reached.)

Lots! This past month has been teeth month. They've both gained what seems like 5 each. And this is the first time they've seemed to really be bothered by teething. There have been lots of tears and snuggles.

No walking yet but at times they'll be standing and let go of something for a few seconds. They are very content crawling (yes both are now crawling correctly) and they love to walk behind toys they can push.

Favorite toy:
any ball! Or anything they can throw. They like playing catch and its even cuter when they do so with one another.

New developments:
Wrestling- they love wrestling with each or anyone who will lay on the floor with them. Most of the time the wrestling is over a toy but none the less right now its cute.

Clinginess- they've always let anyone hold them, but lately they have been much clingier to daniel and I. I love that they love us but at times this can be difficult and sad.

Car seats- they got new car seats for their birthdays thanks to both sets of their very gracious grandparents. And they love them.

Last bottle

They love to eat anything we are eating.

They love watching the tigers play.

New car seats 

Happy birthday, sweet baby boys!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Reflecting on ONE

As I type this out, I am overwhelmed with so much emotion. My babies turn one tomorrow. We are saying goodbye to bottles and rattles and hello to sippy cups and walking toys. It seems like just yesterday, d handed me those 2 sweet baby boys for the first time. Though I knew they were Luke and Jude, I had no idea who they really were or what they needed. I simply knew my heart could burst at that moment. Here were two precious baby boys that were ours.

I am surprisingly not weepy as we say goodbye to the infancy stage. What a scary, newness that it was! I cherished those days, but I am glad to see this new stage upon on. Personality and independence are getting more fun and challenging every day. I know these upcoming days will bring a whole slew of new challenges but I am enjoying and look forward to this journey. 

Even though we have had what I believe to be excellently, easy babies, I still feel that a celebration of  survival is in order. Hallelujah, we survived infancy with twins! But in celebrating this milestone, I am reminded of so much. God's goodness still baffles me. A year ago we experienced His goodness in a way that falls only under salvation and our wedding day. Hearing those sweet cries for the first time will forever be one of the greatest moments in my life.

The journey of parenthood has brought about many changes. Our schedules have changed.  We realize we are people who need a lot of sleep. I have realized a new love for and dependence on coffee. We have been humbled. We have been challenged. And of course we had no idea we could love 2 little people so much.

Jude and Luke, thank you for rocking our world. We love you more than you'll ever know!


Monday, December 1, 2014

Jude and Luke 11 months

3 meals a day- anything and everything
4 bottles a day
Started dropping one bottle
Introduced cow milk and they love it

10-12 hours a night
2- 2.5 hour naps a day
They need it. They are like their parents and require sleep and will make it known when they haven't had enough.

-Still strongly pulling up and cruising, but no walking on their own yet.
-Jude still prefers his army crawl over a normal crawl. He can do it but switches to the army crawl when he wants to get somewhere quickly.
-Jude's front right tooth popped through and the other top front one is close behind. He also had a molar pop through.
-Luke is still holding strong with his 2 bottom front teeth. We think his top fang-ish teeth may be fixing to break through.
-They say, "mom,mom,mom," "dadada" and "byebyebye." Everything comes in 3's.
-Jude does an adorable 2 handed wave thats all wrist and he does it very dramatically.
-Luke's wave is normally towards himself and its a shy wave unlike Jude's.
-Our whole family got the stomach bug... enough said.
-Luke was diagnosed with his first ear infection on their 11 month bday. 

Happy 11 months to my sweet, happy boys!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Jude and Luke 10 months

Life around our house has been full of babbling, crawling, pulling up, and cruising. 

Jude has 3 bottom teeth. Luke has 2.

Jude is still army crawling. Luke is normal crawling.

Jude just learned to pull up. Luke has been pulling up for awhile and is now cruising.

Jude weighs 20.5lbs. Luke weighs 20lbs.

Jude's favorite word: va-va-va-va... whatever that is.

Luke uses more blend combos. He did say, "Bye-Bye" the other night.

They both wave bye-bye.

Jude shakes his head "no" very dramtically. It's funny when he does it as I'm telling Luke "no." It's ironic because Luke so far seems to understand it better than Jude. Luke will stop what he's doing. Jude will smile and keep doing it.

In their babble, they've both said, "mom-mom-mom" and "da-da-da"... now if they were referring to us I'm not sure. I doubt it.

Jude has become more picky in eating. Luke seems to eat anything. Luke decided baby food was not for him and much prefers real food. Both babies prefer to eat whatever we are eating even if they've already eaten.

Their current favorite food: blueberries.

They drink 4 bottles a day and eat 3 meals a day. 

Their favorite toy is a ball... doesn't matter what kind. They throw it then chase it. Then eat it. Then repeat.

They sleep 10-12 hours a night. And they take two 1.5-2.5 hour naps a day.

They love people and most of the time give smiles freely. Luke smiled and flirted with the nurse who gave him his flu shot while Jude gave her death stares the whole time.

We've recently converted our living into a safe baby room. Removing the dvds and xbox out from under the tv. Moving the love seat out from the corner as well as the curtains and making that the baby corner where they can play freely. Baby gates are on the stairs and door ways to keep them contained. They love to move and explore and touch EVERYTHING. Life is busy, but oh so fun. I find myself saying no numerous times a day. The teaching and training is in full swing. It's not always a fun job, but I know its a very important one. The sweet, chubby, baby squeezes make up for the not so fun parts.

And my favorite part of this corner is the phot collages that disply their newborn pics and more recent ones. 

Life this last month:

They really are excellent babies, but sometimes we do have moments like this:

Happy 10 months!