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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

never thought...

I never thought I'd see my fall decorations up and snow on the ground... until today. Its a shame it didn't do a little more sticking. It did just enough to tease us over zealous-hoping-to-get-a-snow-day kind of people.

You fayette county people enjoy your zillions of snow days while I pout and sulk and try not to the let the green monster of envy out.

And just so you know I do realize its 5 days after Thanksgiving and my Christmas decor is not up....at all. I know its as bad as blasphemy... but being out of town all weekend and then I had planned on doing it on my snow day... which clearly fell through... so tonight will have to do. A free night at home with hubs, taco soup, christmas music, christmas decorations galore and hopefully a good classic christmas movie on TV... yes please. And maybe some snow... that sticks.

Monday, November 28, 2011

MO Thanksgiving

Our MO (Missouri) Thanksgiving began Wednesday at 4:00p.m. I got off work and hurried home because mom and dad were suppose to be meeting us there so as I soon as I got off we could throw our stuff in their car and head out...or so I thought. An hour later, luggage by the door, countless checking to make sure nothing essential was left behind, and 1 piece of leftover cheesecake eaten... they decided to roll into the driveway. Good thing I hurried home.

One fun part of this trip was cramming into my dad's truck. Now it is a nice extended cab truck, but we certainly were cozy in there and by cozy I mean all the jackets and blankets mom and I brought were piled about as tall as we were between us in the back seat. The boys enjoyed their spacious leg room. Normally when we go out of town we would rent a van but since Jeremy and Kacie were spending thanksgiving with his family in South Carolina... we winged it.

Thanksgiving in Missouri is always interesting. Even though its southern Missouri the people there are interesting. Here are some highlights of the trip:

-Hours of country music on the radio. I grew up listening to it and don't listen to it very often except when we go on trips with my parents for some reason.

-Late night arrival to be locked out of the grandparents' house.

-Early thanksgiving wake up call. We decided to run in their area turkey trot that supposedly "everyone in our family" was doing. Wrong. Everyone bailed except me, dad, and my dad's brother. We had a ball though! It was a fun morning and I hope that its a tradition that we can continue.

The largest Thanksgiving Day parade in MO. Over 8,000 runners.