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Thursday, July 30, 2009


When I heard about the idea of surgery, I knew it meant I was going to be out of pocket for awhile b/c when it comes to pain I'm a pretty big wimp. To my surprise, there was really no pain in my recovery. I was uncomfortable at times but it was nothing a little pain pill or ice couldn't cure. The worse part of the whole experience was when the nurse ripped the tape off! A friend of ours had this surgery a year ago so I had spoken with him to get more details. To my dismay, he made the experience sound less than thrilling. I texted him the other day to inform him that in fact must be a "weiner" b/c my experience had been a piece of cake. (In his defense, his roommate was his caretaker and I had D and mom on hand.) For those of you who can handle it, here are some pictures of my shoulder that D took today when they took my bandages off.

Front/ Back

The doctor was very pleased and removed the stitches. I am still in a huge sling for a couple more weeks. The best news of the day came when we asked about our trip to the lake next week. I expected him to frown on the idea of me in the boat. He gave me the go ahead though!... as long as the water wasn't real rough. When I jokingly asked him about wake boarding he just laughed at me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update from D

Hey everyone. I just wanted to give you a quick update on how Candace is doing. Yesterday, She went into surgery at the Campbell's Clinic Surgery Center around 12:30pm. Candace and I were very pleased with our experience there. The surgery lasted a little over an hour and went very well. We have some really cool pictures of inside her shoulder. We left the surgery center a little after 4pm, and she has been recovering well since the surgery. The nerve block that they gave her to numb her shoulder/arm is beginning to wear off, which means she is starting to have a little pain, but she has plenty of prescribed pain pills. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. You can continue to pray for her as she recovers and starts physical therapy soon.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I went to the doctor today to review the results of my MRI. I have a torn labram (which holds my ligaments to the bone.) Thankfully they had a cancellation this Wednesday so I will be having my shoulder surgery this Wednesday at 12:30. Please pray for a quick and pain free recovery. School will be starting before we know it and I want to be as close to normal as possible!

Monday, July 13, 2009

the dreaded MRI

For those of you who know me you know that I just about have a panic attack thinking about being stuck in tight places. (I couldn't even swim underneath the boat w/ D for fear that I'd somehow get stuck!) Well, wouldn't you know it... I had to have an MRI done on my shoulder today for us to better make a decision about my surgery. Thankfully the doctor phoned me in a valium to take before hand. As I approached the doctor's office, I can feel the valium kicking in as well as peace knowing that many are praying. I was somewhat excited about this weird adventure yet nervous b/c of the closterphobia I knew would kick in. As I walk into the room, I was relieved to see that the MRI machine they would be using had an opening on both ends (not fully closed... thanks for the scare Stephen!) I laid down as instructed and as she began to move me into the machine I thought I was going to die. Then she turned some Christian music on in my ear phones and I felt a perfect peace consume me. Yes, my face was inches from the top of the machine. Yes, I could not have gotten out easily if I wanted to. But thankfully there is power in the name of Jesus who I called out to the entire dreaded 15 minutes. Was I thankful when the lady pulled me out? Absolutely! Would I trade those 15 minutes of complete and total desperation for the Lord? Never. Why is it that so many times I find myself calling out to him with the same desperation only in times of trouble? I hope this weird experience will continue to challenge me to call out to him with the same desperation in both good times and bad. Now our next step in this summer altering craziness is to meet with my doctor next Monday to discuss the results of the MRI and from there decide about surgery. Keep us in your prayers as we seek wisdom on what to do next!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

you have got to be kidding me

I posted awhile ago about my husband and all of his injuries.... well, I have no room to talk. Tuesday night at my softball game I dislocated my shoulder...again. Clearly my ligaments didn't heal as well as we thought so my scoop and throw to second base landed me in the ER for the second time. The bad thing about this ordeal is it took 8 hours to see a doctor. Yes, my shoulder was dislocated and I was without pain meds for 8 hours. No fun! I go for an MRI next Monday and we'll decide then about surgery. So, goodbye summer.