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Thursday, December 31, 2009

it's been too long...

It's been too long. I know. Don't judge me. I really do love blogging and normally I have plenty of time each day to update this thing; however December 18th (the last day of school) rolled around and I go MIA. Which means I have been THOROUGHLY enjoying my break! I suppose by my lack of posting you realized that I have not spent much time on the computer. This is what we have been up to:

December 18-20: December 18th at 3:45p.m..... I clocked out at work and met my parent to head to Tallulah Falls, Georgia to attend a graduation for my cousin, Tate. He has struggled with drugs for the last few years. This summer was a breaking point for him. He realized his need for help and excitedly headed to a Christian rehab center, Victory Home, in Georgia. This program helps men fight alcohol and drug addictions centering around their need for a Savior. I knew that I had to be there to hear Tate give his testimony at his graduation. What a sweet time this was. The whole family came and stayed in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the cutest cabin. We got to hear Tate stand up and proclaim what God had done in his life. How the enemy had trapped and deceived, but how Christ came and delivered him from his addiction. We sang Victory in Jesus as apart of the celebration and it was a great reminder that victory comes from Jesus alone.

December 21-23: These days before Christmas held last minute shopping, wrapping, and a new favorite tradition, The Burbee/Jerkins Christmas Party. This year we decided the menu must include daddy's french toast. This is definitely my favorite food in the whole world, but shockingly many of the Jerkins family members had yet to taste the sweet goodness. After 2 lbs. of sausage, 4 lbs. of bacon, 3 loaves of texas toast, 3 dozen eggs, and who knows what else.... we
were all stuffed! The french toast may just have to become apart of the tradition as well.

December 24: Christmas Eve morning was a morning of completing last minute errands for our winter camp trip. We picked up our rental van, the church van, and the trailer. The normal size trailer we take with us on trips was already rented out so they gave us a bigger one instead.... when I say bigger I mean enormous.... bigger than the van big. It was free so we were grateful though. I was a bit nervous that we were taking that huge thing into the mountains on curvy roads.... maybe the Lord knew I needed more prayer in my life!

Later that night consisted of Christmas Eve traditions: a family gathering at Grandmomma and Grandaddy's early and then Granny and Gan-Gan's later.

December 25: Our alarm goes off at 6:00a.m. on Christmas morning. This gives us enough time to open our gifts to one another and then head to mom and dad's. Since our TV was our "christmas present" this year, D did well and surprised me with pearl earrings and a Beth Moore book that I had wanted. Yea, he's a keeper.

7:00-8:15a.m.- Mom and Dad's for presents with the Burbees
8:30- 11:30- Breakfast and presents with the Jerkins
11:45-5:30p.m.- Christmas at my grandparents
6:00p.m.-9:00p.m.- Christmas with the Ron Jerkins family

After a long, crazy day... we finally head home.

December 27-30- Winter Camp in Gatlinburg with our youth.... We left early Sunday morning and headed to the mountains for an exciting few days. David Nasser, Ergun Caner, Tony Nolan, Johnny Hunt, Kutless, Casting Crown, Brandon Heath, Tenth Avenue North, Unhindered... were just a few names that we heard. It was a great time to get away. We had a blast and even saw some familiar faces from Bellevue. What a great trip.

As you can tell life has been full for the Jerkins. It's been crazy and exhausting, but we wouldn't trade this time for anything!

Friday, December 18, 2009

pajama day!

Today was our Christmas Celebration Day at school.... which meant it was wear your pajamas to school day as well! This was something new we did this year and absolutely loved it. I'm pretty sure the teachers enjoyed it more than the kids, but the kids were pretty excited too. Uniforms and skirts get old... we vote for pajamas ever day!

*We look like we're in the hall way of death, but it's just our naked walls... Parham and Holland just took down their wall decor.*
Love these ladies!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ten Things Thursday...

10. We went to the dress rehearsal of the Singing Christmas Tree with the cute little Foreman girls to see Hallie play Baby Jesus… she was precious.

9. We had a Christmas dinner with other Fayette County Ministers and wives… good food and fellowship… interesting group of people. :)

8. Our 1st Family Christmas party of the year was filled with lots of food, cute gifts, and lots of laughs. B, so glad you're stuck with us now!

7. The gold party was a success…. definitely a party that everyone can enjoy. No pressure to buy anything. Just bring junk and trade it for money… even if you only get $8…Jules you enjoy those 2 Starbucks drinks!

6. Round 2 of The Singing Christmas Tree with my family… the production has come a long way since our days in the tree. It was so good!

5. Youth Tacky Christmas Party… thankfully kc went through mom’s closet and found me a sweater and momma D had a classic jingle bell necklace to top off the outfit.

4. We are having a Pajama Day at school tomorrow… woo-hoo for comfy clothes!

3. I completed my physical therapy yesterday... and now have a T-shirt to prove it. It just says, “The Smith Clinic.” D says it should say, “I SURVIVED physical therapy at The Smith Clinic.” I loved my experience there and will definitely miss the people.

2. Agenda for tonight: Date Night with the Hubs!

1. Christmas vacation begins tomorrow!

*Here's a picture of us at our Tacky Youth Christmas party.*

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My gold party last night was a lot of fun. I got to see some sweet friends that I hadn't seen in awhile, eat more junk than I needed, use our new hot chocolate maker, and make some money. One of my friends actually walked away with $800! It was a fun night. Kacie and Jules are now experts on jewelry testing so if you're unsure if you have anything valuable they will be glad to inform you.

I have to brag on my sweet husband for a minute. I was getting my kids ready to lay down for nap just now when D called and asked me to come outside... he was in the parking lot. I went out there and realized he had jut stopped by to bring me Starbucks and chocolate... just because. I think he's a keeper.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Today is the day!

Tonight is my Gold Party! The easiest money you'll ever make happens tonight at 6:30 at my house. Bring your gold, silver, or platinum and trade it for money! If you're not sure bring it anyway. We have a reputable jeweler that will let you know. Come for some food, fellowship, and walk away with some money! See ya tonight!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Dear Christmas break,

Please hurry and come before all my teachers quit.

P.S. Please allow me to have some relaxing, quiet, down time so I don't quit. Thanks.

Yes, from the comments above life at school has been crazy. Our children know that Christmas is quickly approaching and for some reason that means they have to talk 3x's louder and 5x's more. The excitement is definitely in the air. I love this time of year no matter how crazy my kids are. Don't get me wrong... I'm exhausted.

I grew up with family Christmas traditions. My favorite ones were putting the Christmas stuff up together and pajama rides. These pajama rides consisted of pajamas, cuddly blankets and hot chocolate.

Another favorite Christmas tradition is the Singing Christmas Tree at Bellevue. For years, D and I were apart of it. What great memories! Last night we went and sat in on the dress rehearsal. (it starts tonight and runs for the next few days) Our niece, Hallie, was baby Jesus last night and then will be for both performances on Saturday. Sitting there watching it made me miss the days when we were the ones up there dancing around and running around back stage... oh such good times... however, it has come a long way since our tree days! You need to make plans to go see it. Some performances are sold out so call 347-2000 and find out what they have available. It is definitely worth seeing. It is excellent. Kids of all ages will love it!

What are some of your favorite family traditions?

P.S. Don't forget mom and I are having our Gold Party this Monday, Dec. 14th at 6:30 p.m. at my house. Dig through your jewelry boxes (or your mom's, grandma's, etc.) and bring any gold, silver or platinum jewelry and trade it for spending money! If you're not sure bring it anyway!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Reverend and the Mrs.

Last night was one of the coolest nights of our lives. It was such a sweet, humbling experience. It's hard to even put it into words. Last night D had the amazing opportunity to be ordained into the ministry. That's a fancy word that means the church has put their official stamp of approval on the man to continue into ministry. We had the awesome opportunity for his ordination to be at our home church, Bellevue. We love FBCHW and know that is where we are called to be but being ordained in front of the family of believers that watched us meet, grow up, get called into ministry and get married was unbelievable.

It was a joyful night. It was a night that family and friends were able to celebrate what God is doing and will do. A dear friend of ours, Allyson Hauss, hugged me afterwards and said she cried the whole time. Daniel and I met and dated while under the leadership of her and her husband. It was special that people like the Hauss' were able to celebrate with us because they were present for every step of our jouney: meeting, dating, falling in love, strengthening our relationship with Christ, and her husband, Gregg, even had a special part in our wedding. It was a definitely a night full of joy!

It was a thankful night. It was a night to remember all that I have to be thankful for. The sweet family and friends that were there to support us, love us, and encourage us. It was a night to be thankful that the Lord chose Daniel and I for this important calling. So ordinary. So imperfect. Yet He chose us. What an honor.

I couldn't help but say to the Lord: thank you thank you thank you...Thank You for Daniel Jerkins. Thank you for creating him for me. Thank you for allowing me to be the woman by his side. Thank you for his leadership. Thank you for his passion for You. Thank you for his love for people. Thanks for giving him the gifts of teaching and preaching. Thank you for my husband.

Last, but certainly not least...It was a humbling night. It was a night to remember that it's not about us or our accomplishments, but it's all about Jesus and the ministry he has called us to.

It was a sweet, humbling night that we will never forget.

*I'll post pictures soon.*

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Money Making Party!

Could you use some extra money for Christmas? If so, stop by Candace Jerkins’ house on Monday, December 14th! Candace Jerkins and Sheila Burbee are having a Gold Party! Bring your gold, silver, or platinum jewelry that you never wear and walk away with extra money just in time for Christmas! We all have jewelry we never wear. (Think rings, class rings, money clips, bracelets, etc.!) Turn it in and make some spending money! You can walk away with more money than you think!

I helped a friend dig through her old jewelry for a Gold Party recently. She found 5 random things. She walked away from the party with a check for $361! One lady made over $1000. She simply cleaned out her jewelry box. It’s that easy! So dig through your jewelry boxes (or your mom's, grandma's, or friends!) and come ready to trade your jewelry for easy cash!

Stop by and bring your gold, silver or platinum. One of Bartlett’s most reputable jewelers will be the one helping us. So if you are not sure if it is real, bring it anyway and it can be tested to know for sure.

What: Come and Go Gold Party

When: Monday, December 14 at 6:30p.m.

Where: Candace Jerkins’ Home

*Snacks and drinks will be served!*

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

1. 4 Thanksgiving feasts (school, church, 2 families)= delicious food, great fellowship and tight pants

2. Days off with the hubs left us productive and with sweet memories

3. Christmas decor up= pure joy

4. Catching up with our Texans= fun, memorable times over the one and only El Nopal

5. New bed= tons of laughter as we realize that we had the mattress upside down... FYI temperapedic mattresses are not soft on the back side

6. Discovered that fluffing the down comforter makes a mess... don't dust before and expect everything to still look dusted after the fluffing

7. Bonefish Grill's Bang-Bang Shrimp are to die for!

8. Dinner with the whole Jerkins fam is fun even when we are forgotten. The time and place are kind of important... we still feel the love though. Thanks Jules.

9. Having most of my Christmas shopping complete= thrilling... even though I secretly love being in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyone else Christmas shopping too.

10. Not all barbeque places in Memphis are good so we discovered last night...I can't even remember the place's name. It's on Madison. Don't worry though, I was so hungry that I ate it anyway.