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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break

Top 5 Reasons I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Spring Break...

5. I can go to bed any time I want without the fear of how it will affect me the next day because........... I can sleep however late I want to!
4. Pedicure!
3. Shopping!
2. Massage!
1. I don't have to think about school until next Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ok... I have to confess. I have an addiction. Though it's not life threatening, it drives my sister crazy. What's my addiction you might ask.... changing my blog background. I admit it. I have a problem. There are just so many cute backgrounds! Plus I get tired of looking at the same one so I assume you guys do too. Ok, really I'm selfish and change it more for my sake than yours, but isn't it fun to come to my blog and see a cute new background?

I'm sorry if my addiction (I shouldn't really call it that because there are so many people really struggling with addictions. This is just a lame excuse for loving change in the blogging world.....) anyway.... I'm sorry if my changing of backgrounds is annoying, but I love it. So.... don't expect the same background for too long. :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kentucky lost!

I don't really care about the NCAA tournament, but I live with a boy who loves it. Therefore I watch more basketball than I care to..... in March especially.

I love going to Memphis basketball games so when Big John left and went to Kentucky, I felt the betrayal that all the hard core Memphis fans felt... he left and took an incredible group of recruits with him.

As much as I hated to, I picked Kentucky to win the tournament. So even though my bracket is shot.... I'm glad that I just watched Calipari lose.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Today was our St. Jude Trike-A-Thon. For the last 2 weeks, our students have been collecting money for St. Jude. I have always loved what this hospital does so when we heard about this opportunity, I knew it was a must! Our friends Shane and Macy both work at St. Jude and hearing their stories make me love this hospital even more!

Starting this week, we began learning about bicycle safety, what St. Jude is and what it does, as well as how we should be thankful for the healthy bodies that God has given us. Today was our celebration day. The students were able to bring their trike or bike to school (with their helmets of course!) and they rode around our parking lot. Now wouldn't you know.... that it would be the coldest day of the week today, and cloudy! The kids didn't seem to mind, but thankfully the sun eventually came out and made our time outside much more enjoyable.

So despite the cold cloudy start to the day, our Trike-A-Thon was a hit and something we'll definitely do again! On top of that my little campus was able to raise over $2,000 for this fantastic hospital. Thank you to all of our parents and kids for participating!

If you feel led to give as well to St. Jude, you can go here to donate!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ten Things Thursday

10. I have decided that dunking oreos in milk may be the best thing ever discovered.

9. This past weekend basketball fans over took my house.... it's quite alright though we had a great time!

8. Kacie, B, and I watched Dancing with the Stars and laughed our heads off critiquing the dancers.... poor Kate Gosselin.

7. At times I wish I would have gone to a real high school so I could have played more competitive sports.

6. I can't believe I didn't start playing volleyball until 5 years ago. I love it!

5. This weather has been amazing... in fact I got slightly sunburned during recess yesterday.

4. I can't believe it's already time to plan for our last day of school water day party. Not that I'm complaining.

3. I'm ready for Survivor to come back on! Is it sad that I'm having withdrawals?!

2. I'm excited about watching my boo play basketball tonight... I don't think I've ever called him that in my life... in fact he'd probably hate it.

1. Spring Break is next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And the answer is...

Ok, so most of you nailed my lie. We did just buy a house less than a year ago and I love it! I have no desire to move any time soon. I hate moving. I've only done it twice, but still... we've helped people move. No matter how organized you are the process is still messy and at times stressful. I like having order. No matter how organized your labeled boxes are, there is still a point in the moving process where you are standing in a room full of half emptied boxes and you just want to scream because you're tired and ready for everything to magically find it's place. So hopefully, these Jerkins' are staying put for awhile!

I know I may be crazy, but I don't have any desire to build a home. Honestly the idea of building a home is not in even the least bit appealing to me. D would love to one day, but I'd rather just buy something already completed and not have to deal with all the details... maybe that's because our house was already painted the colors I would have chosen and the light fixtures were already cute... nothing I would really want to change. I may be singing a different tune one day after we've out grown our current home....but for now I am more than satisfied!

So back to my game.....yes, I have been attacked by goats. I was like 7 or 8 and we were at Grant's Farm. I was feeding the goats and I quickly found out that they are not patient creatures. They were jumping on me and ramming me with their horns. It was a very traumatizing experience!

And as many sports as I have played, I have never broken a bone. (Knock on Wood!) And until last year, I had never even been to the emergency room.

Thanks guys for playing my silly game. Thanks Rachel for letting me steal it. Sorry I couldn't come up with a better lie, but I seriously couldn't think of anything.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a day late

Ok... so I know it's actually Tuesday.... so just pretend it says Mystery Post Tuesday.

I stole this from Rachel.....Ever played that game 2 truths and a lie? It's sort of meant as an ice breaker/get to know you type game. So to begin read my statements:

* I've been attacked by goats.

* I have never broken a bone.

* We're fixing to begin building our dream home.

Just so you know... I wanted so badly to trick you guys and put "I'm pregnant" as my lie, but I thought that would be too mean. My mother would have a heart attack!

Now it's your turn: Tell me which one is a lie, and if you're really into the game, give me 2 truths and a lie, so I can guess for you.

And, don't worry.... a follow up post will come with the answer!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sister!

Today my baby sister is the big 21. She told me she wanted me to buy her beer (which I've never done in my life) because she could drink now, but technically she could buy her own beer, but she doesn't drink so it shouldn't matter. It was just a funny conversation... but maybe you just had to be there.

To sum that weird paragraph up.... Kacie is 21 and could drink, but she doesn't drink and ... she was just trying to be funny.

So Sister....
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birrrrrrrrrrrrthday to Sister.....
Haaaaaapy Birrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrthdaaaaaaaaaay to yooooooooooou!
(If you couldn't tell I was singing it in my weird opera voice like I sang for Jeremy... or was it Mom? Anyway... It was my best performance thus far. Sorry you missed the live show.)

I can't believe you're 21 because if you're 21 then that means in June I'll be half way to 50. Wow. We're old.

Now on a sappy note.....I'm so glad you're my sister. I couldn't have picked a better one. There's no one else I'd rather hang out with or laugh at dumb jokes with.... and you come up with some doosies.... but somehow they're still funny.

Bottom line.... you're the best.

I love you so much!!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Thank you, Rachel, for honoring me with this award. I truly have fallen in love with blogging! I love being able to document fun things that happen in our life whether it's silly or important. I so enjoy reading others' blogs as well. So thanks Rachel for thinking of me.

In return, I have to honor someone else as well. So Ashley Fisher, I honor you with the beautiful blogger award. I look forward to daily hearing about what's going on in your mommy world. It's obvious that you're not only a beautiful blogger, but truly a beautiful person inside and out. I love the way as you challenge yourself with scripture and bible study you challenge your readers as well.... whether you mean to or not. So Ashley, I dub thee The Beautiful Blogger! Thanks for making blogging fun!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ten Things Thursday...

10. For the hubs, "It's the most wonderful time of the year...." because of the NCAA tournament... I could care less. I mean I filled out a bracket, I'll fix food for all the parties, and socialize of course, but as far as watching hours and hours of basketball... no thanks.

9. We took our youth to Incredible Pizza Friday night. I'm not sure who had more fun the kids or the adults.

8. When we got to Incredible Pizza D jumped out and went to check us in so I parked the church van. Instead of stepping out gracefully... which wasn't an option because the bus is so tall, I thought I would slide down. However, my left thigh/butt cheek caught some hook on the inside latch and I have a huge bruise that's probably 4 inches long. I seriously thought I had ripped my jeans. No rip, but a nice bruise.

7. Saturday morning we cleaned out some closets and I discovered I have a million skirts... most of which I never wear.

6. Thanks to the ab lab, I am beginning to see my abs again.

5. I love ab lab however cardio is not my favorite. My 'trainer' says "we will never see our abs if fat is covering them". I guess that means cardio is important... dang it.

4. Cheesecake corner with my favorite ladies (mom, mom in law, sister, sister in law) was a highlight of the weekend. Much better than watching basketball with the boys!

3. Our family shower for B was a sweet time to see extended family. I am so blessed to have married into such a great family.

2. It felt so good to play volleyball the other night. There's nothing like a little friendly competition! It also felt good to let the knee pads hit the floor again.

1. Sunday night we had the privilege of sharing about our Israel trip with another church. It's so fun to share about the awesome opportunity that we had. This will always be a trip that we'll cherish!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Day in the Life


-woke up
-did arm workout
-got dressed
-drank my coffee
-ate breakfast
-checked emails
-sent emails
-prepared for class
-began day
-calendar time
-bible time
-teaching time
-seat work time
-made rainbow cupcakes
-made trinity shamrocks
-reviewed daycare schedule
-reviewed an application
-printed up paperwork for applicant
-revised daycare schedule
-meeting/planning with administration
-created a Trik-A-Thon reminder
-program practice
-reprimanded K3 for noise level
-ate lunch
-spoke with a K3 student about keeping her hands to herself
-set out cots
-covered my kids up
-stuffed folders
-checked emails

And it's not even 1:00...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back in the Game

A little injury called a torn labrum has made my life less than enjoyable. Last March, the first dislocation happened and then in June the second. Surgery followed in July. All this to say that during this time, I had signed up for four different sports and then had to get our money back for all of them. Half of a basketball game and 1 soccer practice, 3 softball games, and not even one volleyball practice..... doesn't count for much of a season. Thankfully Bellevue was kind enough to reimburse us the money that we paid for all of those sports!

Not to mention that their handy insurance covered what mine did not so for all my ER trips, visits to my specialist, surgery, and months of physical therapy.... we only paid maybe $200! Thank you Bellevue!.... and Jesus.

Anyways... I am so excited that I finally get to play a sport again. Our volleyball games begin tonight! Running and ab lab have been my sport lately, but I am ready for a competitive, team sport again! I am thrilled it's a sport I get to play with my hubs. We've always played sports, but this is one we can do together. I hate that it takes me away from basketball with the sister, but it was either spend time with my hubs and love on visitors to our church or play ball with some of my favorite people. It was tough, but FBCHW won out. The Lord has put us here for a reason and this is a ministry He's using to bring people to Him...and the fact that we love sports and He's allowing us to use this as a tool doesn't hurt either!

So...... I'm officially back in the game.

Now I know I don't actually play like this, but I can pretend.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Quick and Easy!

I am all about some quick and easy recipes so when I saw this was the mystery post for today I was thrilled! I hope you all participate so I can get some more quick and easy recipes! D will be appreciative for sure!

One of our favorite quick and easy recipes is the ole post roast. I love it because I throw everything together in my handy dandy crock pot in the morning before I leave for work and when I pull into my garage I can smell the wonderful aroma of my already prepared dinner. I got this recipe from the Bellevue cookbook and I will never use another one!

1 roast
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup dale's seasoning
1/4 cup Worcester sauce
1 envelope of onion soup mix
cubed potatoes
1-2 bags of baby carrots

I mix the seasoning ingredients together. Then add my roast, cubed potatoes and carrots. Cook on low for 8-9 hours and WAHLA! Dinner!

Friday, March 12, 2010


I love to read! However, I am at stand still in my reading. I can't find anything I would love to devote time to read. I have read just about every book Karen Kingsbury has written and that makes me sad because she is my favorite!

Karen, I heart you!

I also like Dee Henderson and Terri Blackstock. I like present tense Christian fiction. Have any of you read anything lately that you would recommend? (I'm not into the Twilight stuff so if you have any other suggestions I am all ears!) It's been so nice outside that I'd love to go sit on our back porch swing and read. Please help!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ten Things Thursday

10. I guess you can call me a runner. I have the fever.

9. I think I'm getting old because at Winter Jam I kept thinking, "This music is entirely too loud!"

8. Molly and Jason's wedding was the saddest thing I've ever seen! It's like a wedding nightmare... in the middle of your outdoor wedding it started pouring down rain. The wind blew rain all over her face and soaked her gorgeous hair. They didn't seem to mind, but I felt terrible for them.

7. I definitely married a preacher... a real good looking one too!

6. During our bible time this morning I asked, "Who came to Jesus in our bible story?" One of my little girls yelled, "The Rich Run Jeweler!"... instead of The Rich Young Ruler.

5. I discovered that my running partner was a personal trainer and aerobics instructor... we began an ab lab yesterday... which she use to teach... yes, you better believe she's kicking my tail!

4. My sister got her wedding invitations in and they are the most awesome invitations I have ever seen!

3. I discovered that D is not a fan of dudes cutting his hair.... which to me seems crazy, but whatever.

2. My deep dish baker came in!

1. Volleyball at church started Tuesday night. I am so excited to be playing a sport again! Hopefully there will be no trips to the ER!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hair Dude

So D has discovered Paul Mitchell's hair school or whatever it's called. I get my eye brows waxed there and we have a friend who is currently in school there. So we have connections...

Well, D and I have been cutting his hair for years now. Guy hair is pretty easy and most of the time he likes it buzzed so he can pretty much handle that on his own. I just shape up the neck and around the ears. Recently he decided he wanted to grow it out. Ok, that's fine guys like change too. With growing his hair out, we decided he needed a new look so we thought let's go let Mandy cut his hair at Paul Mitchell and give him a new do. Mandy was unavailable the first time he went so some random girl cut his hair and she did a pretty good job, but no new do... but he loved that it only cost $8 and he got a head massage. I didn't know what I thought about some other girl rubbing on his head and him liking it but I got over it because I like massages and just because a girl gives me a massage and I like it doesn't mean I like her like that. Anyway........

Well, yesterday he decided it was time for another hair cut. This time instead of calling and making an appointment, he just shows up and asks for Mandy. Mandy again is unavailable so they go find someone else. Well, up walks a guy (with a head band on) and they introduce D to him. D said he thought, "Oh gosh! This dude is going to cut my hair?!" He almost thought of saying, "No Thanks" and walking out, but he thought that would be rude and D's not rude like that so he sucked up his pride and went to the chair. Let me remind you that this hair cut includes a wash and head massage (that he loves).... so at this point he is so uncomfortable and is slightly freaking out.

The dude begins cutting his hair and asks D if he wants the wash and head massage. D said he was quick to say no, it's not a big deal. As the guy continues cutting his hair though D finds out that he helps lead worship at his church. He assumes at this point he's probably not gay.... even though he's wearing a head band.... and then after the cut he tells D that he's going to go find someone else to wash his hair. Relief! I wish you could have seen D's face telling this story... Hallelujah.... another guy wasn't going to be rubbing on his head.

So in the end he got a great hair cut from a dude... I was quick to point out that the first 10 years of his life a man at a barber shop cut his hair, but he said that was different. So the moral of this story... D doesn't like dudes cutting his hair (or giving him a head massage) even if they help lead worship for their church.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You know You're a Minister's Wife When....

-He preaches and you find yourself smiling the whole time.

-When you convince yourself that pizza is healthy (no joke a pizza guy said this... and was dead serious) because it contains most of the food groups... we eat this a lot with our youth so let's hope he's right!

-You look forward to fun youth outings... even when it's a lock-in which I believe was one of the dumbest things ever invented.

-You accept the crazy work hours as normal.

-You cherish your nights at home together... and wish you had more.

-You critique other preachers and speakers because he's asked you so many times to critique him.

-The church building is your 2nd home.

-Some of your dearest friends are his most faithful leaders.

-People ask you to be in the choir and sing... no really... I don't sing (like solos)... or play the piano... sorry to disappoint.

-You wouldn't trade what God is doing in your ministry for anything.

-There's no one else in the world you'd rather listen to boldly proclaim God's word....and even though he calls you biased, there's no doubt in your mind that he's the best.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Miracle Monday

I did it! I ran in my first 5k Saturday.... Bellevue's Hope for Haiti. I have done 5k's before, but never have I had the intent of running it through. During mile three I had to stop and catch my breath, but I trucked on and finished at a time that even surprised me: 34:11! My sweet hubs was even shocked (he tried to hide it, but he can't fool me!)

I ran with my friend Amber and I do believe that is what enabled me to run the whole time. Her pace and determination to finish challenged my steps. It was a beautiful day, too!

My sister did an excellent job of checking us in!

I got to see some sweet friends.

And to top it off, I found this cute kid running around!

Overall it was a great day. I still have a love/hate relationship with running, but I am enjoying the benefits of it and it felt so rewarding to run across that finish line!

Those of you who read my blog faithfully know how I feel about running so to have just completed this 5k successfully I would indeed call this a miracle!

Friday, March 5, 2010

maybe one of the greatest inventions...

Choc. dipped donut holes may be one of the greatest inventions. I have always loved donut holes. They are so convenient to pop in your mouth... which also makes them very dangerous! So add my other love of chocolate to my love of donut holes and we have a party!

I am a lover of all junk food so those healthy friends of mine I apologize... it's a love that I will not make excuses for. I may end up fat, but oh so very happy! Don't forget I'm running now so... I feel that running balances out my love of junk food. :)

So whoever thought "lets put some chocolate on donut holes"... you're a genius. And thank you to one of my Grammy and Papa's at school for bringing 6 (donut holes not whole donuts... don't worry I'm not that glutinous.....) just for me!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ten Things Thursday

10. I can not drink coffee without coffee creamer... a lot of it.

9. I love breakfast but nothing ever sounds very good that early.... normally I just eat a nutrigrain bar so I can at least have something to get me through until lunch.

8. Last week at Julie's pampered chef party, I ordered maybe the greatest thing ever.

It's called the deep dish baker. You can put frozen chicken breasts in it, pop it in the microwave and have dinner in 15 minutes! You can also make a sinful, chocolate lava cake in the microwave with this thing! I am so excited and can't wait to use it! If you need a quick, easy way to fix dinner you should check it out. Here's Michelle's website: http://www.pamperedchef.biz/mlwalker

7. Apples to Apples may be my new favorite game.

6. I will miss Upward's Saturdays... its the only time that Brandy, Susan, Link, Rhonda and I are all together for hours on end. These ladies are awesome. Good thing we're planning that cruise!

5. I orderd a tub of cookie dough from my little cousin... I know I don't need it, but we just ran out of our huge Sam's tub of cookie dough and this flavor sounds delicious... it's a little bit of everything wonderful!

4. Speaking of wonderful... Jennie made the mistake of telling me about girl scout cookie ice cream.

3. I love reality TV... I know... it's not real... but Amazing Race.... I heart you.

And JAKE... seriously?!

2. I enjoyed my spur of the moment time with the sister and soon to be sister last night... even though I got in bed soooo late.

1. My 5k is Saturday and so I've been thinking about it a lot. Well, last night I had the weirdest dream. I dreamed I was running and I did very well.... as far as stamina....But there were different stations where you had to figure things out before you could go on.... yes, like Amazing Race... and not only was I running in this 5k/Amazing Race thing, but I was running it in high heeled boots! I remember thinking I just don't want to come in last so my booted self and all pushed it hard and wound up next to last. I hope this is completely unrelated to my actual race on Saturday. I can guarantee though that my boots will be at home and I will be sporting my 'conies... which I discovered that I had been saying the name wrong all my life. Oh well.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

so ready

Spring is alllllllllllmost here. It's so close I can taste it! Just thinking about sunshine and warmer weather makes me want to put on some flip flops and dance... which is weird because I'm not really a dancer... but thinking of the warm goodness that spring and summer brings makes me want to "be even more undignified than this...some may say it's foolishness..." okay, okay I stole the lyrics from a worship song well technically from the bible, but either way warm weather makes me excited!!!!!!!! (All the ladies from bible study will appreciate my shout out to David and his celebration.)


Dear Spring,

I realize you're only 19 days away, but I need you to hurry up. My skin needs some color, my kids need some fresh air, and bottom line... I'm tired of winter. So please make yourself known as soon as possible. This Memphis girl is ready to layout by the pool, maybe even sweat a little (not really but that's what happens here in Memphis when it gets warmer), wear capris and flip flops, sleep late, go on vacation.... the list goes on and on...even though that's more summer-ish stuff... who cares. Please just hurry!

A Winter Disliker (did I just make that word up?)

Monday, March 1, 2010

mystery post monday: our love story

I met D when I was 14. Our dad's were both working the recreation ministries' fun and fitness fair. One end of the basketball court was left open for free play. D was down there shooting and so my friend Allison and I went down there and played a pick up game with him and some others. There were no sparks or interesting conversations... just 2 kids playing a game we loved. I had no clue that was the beginning...

Some time passed and we went to summer camp. I remembered him from our pick up game. We didn't hang out or even talk until one day we both ended up at the basketball court. He was a captain and I'd love to say that he chose me first and that's when we fell in love.... however, that is not how this story goes. He not only didn't pick me first, he didn't pick me at all! Oh well, we played against each other and I couldn't even tell you who won that day... it's still a story we joke about, but at least we know it ended well!

A few months later, I was keeping score for basketball games at the gym. I continued seeing him at the gym coincidentally on the same nights I kept score. He walked out with me one night along with my score keeping partner, Jason Keen. The youth hayride was that Friday night and I asked them if they were going to go... not caring what Jason said. Friday night came and sure enough D showed up. We ended up throwing the football all night. Though I had no idea he was the guy I was going to marry, I knew he was a keeper....someone I wanted around for awhile... who knew awhile would turn into forever. Since that night we've been together. There was not a DTR conversation that night or anything, but I knew I wanted to be wherever he was.

So after many games of 'horses'... yes we added another letter....He's still my favorite to play with. After many games of him "letting me win".... he's still my favorite opponent.

So 10 years later, here we are. We dated all through high school and college....not ever breaking up. I love him more today than I did the first night he told me he loved me... and I didn't think that was possible!