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Thursday, April 30, 2009

hopefully a home and a kimono dragon

Today we are meeting with our real estate agent to sign more papers on our house. Yes, that's right the little Jerkins are growing up and becoming homeowners. I will definitely miss our seminary housing apartment though. It was our first "home" of course, but I'm looking forward to having a place of our own, a yard, no one stomping above us, and no kids waking us up at 7:30 on a Saturday b/c their secret fort happens to be outside our window. Oh the joys of apartment living!

Now I don't want to get too carried away because things can always happen and this could fall through. I doubt it at this point, but it could. So until we're moved in, I won't consider it official. Oh how I do love this house though! We walked in and I was blown away that every room is freshly painted in colors that I would have chosen! It has granite counter tops that I teased Daniel that I had to have. Not to mention that the set up of the house is ideal and in a cove. And the house is perfectly located between our families and church/work. It will take me 2 minutes to get to work and 10 for D. After looking at what seemed like 10,000 houses, we walked into this one and knew we'd found our home. I know Mrs. Andrea (our real estate agent and long time family friend) was thrilled as well because Daniel and I are quite picky. Our closing is scheduled for May 15th. I will post some pictures once we become more official.

Of course I can not go a whole blog without mentioning a funny story from one of my students. Yesterday while at the zoo one of my little girls, who was my buddy for the day, kept telling me she wanted to see the "dinosaur lizard." Having no idea what she was talking about, I kind of blew it off thinking it would be a weird lizard in the reptile house. Having thought she found it while in there, it was never brought up again.... until this morning. She comes in first thing this morning with a printed off picture of her "dinosaur lizard" which her dad proceeds to tell me is the kimono dragon. I had no idea the zoo even had kimono dragons nor did I have a clue what they looked like! Am I weird for not having seen this before? She was quick to explain to me that they were by the hippos. This would have been nice to have known yesterday.

*After researching this creature, I have found it to be called kimono or komodo dragon.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sunshine, poop, and a thief

Today was our zoo day! I was certain that I awoke to rain this morning, but once I got up and looked out the window there was no rain. In fact, the sun was shining! Thank you, Jesus! I had no idea what we were going to do with our children if it was pouring down rain. We had a countdown chain preparing us for this day. (I had to come up with something. I was tired of being asked everyday if it was our zoo day!) If the weather had been bad we would have just had to reschedule. Complete devastation would have washed over their faces along with what would probably turn into some form of tantrum. Thank you Jesus for the sunshine! So instead of being a wet mess because of the rain, we were a wet mess because of the sun. :)

Our morning at school began quickly and chaotically with the excitement of the day. As we were waiting our turn to load the bus, I asked each child which animal they were looking forward to seeing today. Of course I heard the usual: elephants, lions, zebras.... then it came time for one of my boys to answer. Thinking I would hear some sort of normal response.... oh no.... he responded, "I'm looking forward to seeing the poop!" Holding my laughter in as best as I could, I responded with some typical christian school teacher answer.... "Well, God designed animals to poop, too. So yes, we probably will see some poop." And of course we did and all my children were quick to point it out.

You'd think I would be out of ridiculous stories, but they never cease to amaze me. We had decided to meet back at the front fountain at 11:30 to load the buses. As I approach the fountain with my crew I look over to see one of my boys (which thankfully walked around with another mom) elbow deep in the fountain taking money out of it! Yes, I teach at a christian school. This is proof that even christian school kids do bad things. Who would have thought I had a 4 yr. old thief!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the joys of teaching K4

Today: I was sitting on the bench watching my class play on the playground. One little girl came and sat down quietly beside me. She began to rub my arm and so honestly admit, "Mrs. Jerkins, your arm is furry." I think next time I'll just stand.

Tomorrow: We have a field trip to the zoo planned. However, I am afraid it will be a rainy mess. How can you possibly enjoy a trip to the zoo in the rain? Oh wait, I know, you suck it up, put a smile on your face, and wear your leopard rain boots!

I finally gave in...

Well, I finally gave into the blogging world. I love how I can keep up with friends whether they live near us or away. I find myself (during the 2 hour nap time my kids get at school.... thank you Jesus for allowing me to teach preschool!.... checking everyone's blog).... after I finish my other teacher work of course. So here I am.... and by here "I" am I mean that Daniel will probably think that this is dumb and therefore never actually participate in the blogging. :)