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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jude and Luke 3 months

These sweet chunks are growing and growing. We think they weigh around 12lbs now. They are sweet, happy babies that smile and laugh generously. We are enjoying every bit of this fun stage! Diaper changing isn't so bad when you have a sweet face smiling up and cooing at you.

They are sleeping from 10:30ish to anywhere between 5-7a.m. We have yet to move them into their room because Jude gets squirmy around 3 sometimes and I'm too lazy to walk across the hall. So when he gets that out of his system then we'll transition them in there.

They are drinking 4-5oz of milk at each feeding which varies from every 3-4 hours. They are drinking breast milk and we are still supplimenting with formula as well. They are taking both like champs. 

They have a love/hate relationship with tummy time. Sometimes they love it and sometimes they hate it. And sometimes they just fall asleep. 

Being their mom just gets sweeter and sweeter. Life is by no mean perfect and I definitely haven't mastered this new role, but I am loving every minute.

Happy 3 months to my sweet chunks!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Smiley Boys

The boys are not only growing and fattening up but they are developing little personalities. My favorite new milestone is their sweet intentional smiles and laughs. They are truely good, happy babies. I am so thankful. They pretty much only cry when they are hungry or have poop in their pants. And I can't say I blame them.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Wonderful World of Disney

This past week D and I flew to Orlando to meet up with the Jerkins crew. When I agreed to this trip pre babies, I obviously had no idea what to expect. I figured though no matter what kind of babies I had, it would be a nice chance to get out and enjoy some new scenery... even if that meant staying in our room bc the babies were so bad. Thankfully we have very good babies and the trip was a lot of fun and so much easier than I imagined. 

Here are some things I learned and benefitted from while experiencing Disney travel with 2 month old twins:

1. Be prepared. I have learned this is a valuable piece of advice no matter who you are or what you're doing but now that Im a mom, especially to twins, I've realized how much easier my life is if I make this a priority. For example: make sure the diaper bag is ready to go ahead of time, if an outfit change is necessary before you leave, make sure the baby clothes are laid out including the diapering items. 

2. Get up early. I'm one who loves my sleep, but if I snooze too many times when I know we have somewhere to be early then my morning is rushed, I become overwlemed and the chances of us being on time are slim to none. My rule of thumb has become whatever amount of time I think I'll need... add 30 min to that. So far it has worked beautifully. I don't feel rushed, I can recheck to make sure we have everything and I can enjoy my babies and husband during the getting ready process instead of being impatient and bossy.

3. Pack lightly... or as light as possible. I have always been an over packer. Now that I'm packing for 2 more people I've realized that simplifying can be so freeing. Now you always need to be prepared with extras, but it is possible. Now I should tell you that we did have to buy more formula and diapers while we were there but we were able to only check1 bag (d and I packed together), the boys' stuff was in a small rolling suitcase we used as a carry on, then I had a backpack which was my purse/diaper bag, and d had a backpack that contained important information and my breast pump. On top of that we had their car seats and stroller frame that the car seats set in. So even packling lightly still entailed a lot of stuff! 

4. Baby care centers are fabulous. I had no idea that disney parks had these but they do! These are designated areas for nursing/pumping moms. They also had community rooms for families for feeding little ones or just a place to come cool off and watch a movie. They had changing tables and supplies and most importanly nursing rooms with outlets for pumping. I so enjoyed escaping to these areas to take care of my babies and pump. I can not say enough good things about these!

I'm also thankful for daniel's sister, Julie. She not only organized this whole trip, but wrangled her 4 kids as well. I learned several important things from this well seasoned mom:

1. Always have snacks and water. Low blood sugar can make people of all ages cranky. 
2. Always have sleeping items on hand. When kids miss naps, it can make for an interesting time. When her small children got tired they got their lovies and blankets, reclined in their stroller and rested or went to sleep. 
3. Pack a variety. We had a couple of cool/overcast days that included some rain. Packing pants and jackets even if its one item that can be worn over and over will help keep those babies warm in case the weather changes. 
4. Panchos are life savors. Investing in some panchos, even if you don't need them, is a handy thing. A couple of years ago when we were at Disney it started pouring without much warning. We were stranded on the far end of the park without a pancho and there were no stores close by to purchase them. Having them on hand gives great piece of mind and limits wetness.

I can confidently say that traveling with these babies was not only easy but fun. Getting through security was the only hairy part. That was due to taking off our own stuff, taking apart strollers, sending bags through, testing breast milk and holding babies... then we had to put it all back on or back together. But... it was very do-able. Now we'll see if its as easy once they're a bit older. I may not be so confident then!

And now for tons of pictures...

Boys were perfect on the planes. Here's their "first flight" photo.

Our view: That glowing thing is the castle at magic kingdom

Day 1: Hollywood Studios

Breakfast with Disney Jr. characters

Before Tower of Terror

Stretching at the baby center

This pic is the best. First Maggie did not want to ride this but we convinced her. The take off is super fast and clearly captures the look of sheer terror on her face. Second, Papa John felt his hat fly off. Well as you can tell my nose found it. 

Day 2: Magic Kingdom

We had lunch in Belle's castle.

Mid ride smiles

Baby center

Day 3: Animal Kingdom

The boys were so over the matching outfits... so much so that Luke puked on his.

Day 4: Epcot/Coming home

On the plane home...

So we needed just a couple more diapers to make it home. No problem... right? I'll just buy some at epcot or the hotel. The smallest anyone had were 3's! 

But they did the trick and kept us all dry!

Thank you grammy and papa for a magical vacation! The boys may not remember this trip but we have lots of pics and memories to ensure they know all about it!
This was our luau dinner at The Polynesian Resort.

Disney is fun but exhausting!