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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010


June 13-18 the Jerkins were in Panama City, Florida. This was our 2nd experience with one of Lifeway's Centrifuge camps and it didn't disappoint.

An FBCHW tradition is to go down the day before camp starts and spend some time at Shipwreck Island. Many people have different views of water parks.....germs, pee, germs, pee and who knows what else! However....this controversial tradition is one that we look forward to. From scary slides to the lazy river, it's a weekly highlight for all involved....that means the 50 something (cough) year olds all the way down to our 12 year olds.... love the germ infested waters of Shipwreck Island. Getting a good sunburn before camp actually begins, seems to be the trend among our kids.

There is just nothing like camp. Sweat, sunscreen, laughs, sand, sweat, food, bible study, sweat.... you get the idea....there's just nothing that compares. Theres nothing like a room crammed with girls sharing 3 toilets, 3 showers, and 3 sinks to bring a group together. I think I laugh harder at camp than I do any other time of the year. Thanks to Susan....who is more student than adult.

Susan being Susan

Camp is not only fun, but so unifying for our group. Being forced to ride in a bus with other people for 9 hours.... thanks to our small bladdered friends....forces you to socialize with those you might not on a regular basis.

God can do His work anywhere, but I think there is something special about what he does at camp. You've been taken away from your normal surroundings and routines and forced into a schedule that wakes you up waaaaaaaaaaaay too early, He puts different people in your life, and you're constantly surrounded by Christian music and scripture throughout your day for a week.
Even the team building games, have a biblical, life lesson to be learned. Yes, camp is a good thing.

Micah participated in the variety show that night....He can walk around the room on a bowling ball! Here are some of us supporting him.

Camp is so important to D and I because God has done some pretty cool things in our lives during our time as campers. We know, we've seen what He is capable of doing and can only praise Him for the opportunity to allow us to continue experiencing "camp."

There is nothing magical about camp. Stinky dorms, uncomfortable beds, unair conditioned mess halls.... no there's no magic here. God can do His work just as easily in a classroom on Sunday morning....however theres something about pulling your kids away from their everyday lives...friends, technology, etc..... and allowing them to fully experince God throughout their day for 5 days straight.

Just a few of our kids chilling during night life.

Oh how the Jerkins do love camp!

Another exciting thing discovered at camp was.....just down the street from our camp was a homeade ice cream store.....similar to a Baskin Robbins....except 1000x better and everything was homeade! One of D and I's favorite foods is homeade ice cream! Can you say heavenly?! My cup of choice was.... one scoop of peanut butter and one scoop of banana....eat them together and you really get a glimpse of what heaven might be like.....seriously this was some of the best stuff I have ever put into my mouth!

Lessons Learned:
-camp is awesome
-homeade ice cream is one of the best things ever created

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sister's Big Day

Real wedding festivities began on Sunday, May 23rd. The lingerie shower. Jules helped me with this and we had a blast. Since they were planning on going to Mexico for their honeymoon...I thought...why not a fiesta themed lingerie shower!

Wednesday, May 26th was Kacie's bridesmaids' luncheon hosted by Debbie Jerkins, Paula Monsarrat, and Julie Foreman. They did such a fantastic job! The food was delicious, the tables were gorgeous, and the company wasn't too bad either.

Kacie gave us all very cute, brown, monogrammed (in green!) cosmetic bags. Inside was, monogrammed stationary, and an adorable pen, and the jewelry we were to wear on game day. She did such a fantastic job with the gifts!

The next day was the rehearsal dinner day. We ran a million errands, but were ready and at the church on time. The rehearsal wasn't boring like so many can be. It was quick and to the point and before we knew it we were on our way to Hillwood for the rehearsal dinner.

Paula Monsarrat is a sweet family friend...well really she is just plain family now, but her, Mr. Bill, Jeremy's family and the Jerkins turned Hillwood into a gorgeous dinner party. We entered under a glowing arch and then saw the thousands of white twinkle lights that filled the place. It was breathtaking!

They had bbq catered in and it was beyond good. It was such a sweet night of seeing friends and family and sharing in the excitement with Kacie and Jeremy.

Sister and I had talked and she wanted me to spend the night with her on her last night at home. D couldn't understand why....I just reassured him it was a girl thing....his response was well, I didn't spend the night with Rob before he got married. And I responded with no you didn't and I'm glad because that would have been weird!

We went back to mom and dad's and slept in my old room because sister's room was empty. They had moved all of her furniture into k and j's apartment the day before. We talked for a bit but before long the room was quiet and we were both zonked. We woke up to the smell of daddy's french toast. Our favorite! While waiting for D to come join us for breakfast we watched D and I's wedding video. What memories!

We had a fun family breakfast and before we knew it it was time to head to the church for hair and make-up. Mandy Wilder came and did our hair. She's awesome. She did such a fantastic job! Sandy from All About Weddings came and did our make-up. We love her. This is the second wedding she has done our make-up for and her sweet countenance along with her skill makes her a continued part of our getting ready process.

Then the time came....it was time to put that gorgeous gown on her. We carefully helped her slip it on. She was breath taking! The most beautiful bride for sure! Then of course her cute green shoes!

In walked the photographer to explain it was time for Kacie and Jeremy to see each other for the first time. She gave us strict instructions that we were allowed no where near them for this special time. Poop. So we had to sit in the bride's room wondering what his expression was when he saw her. Did he cry? Did she cry? Thanks sister. We felt the love....trapped in the bride's room.

We began taking group pictures: wedding party, families, etc.....then we were ushered back in to the bride's room. Guests were arriving....almost time.

We sang songs from Lauren's ipod, we prayed over Kacie and then Mrs. Candy, the wedding coordinator walked in, and said, "It's time!" This is it....my baby sister is fixing to get married.

We lined up outside the chapel door, the music started playing....it was indeed game time.

The wedding party in place on the stage, the guests looking toward the door, and then the music began to play. The doors opened. There she was. Radiant. Gorgeous. Ready. She walked elegantly down the aisle arm in arm with our dad. Then we all watched with huge smiles as sister married the man of dreams.

So happy for you baby sister!

Go here for a sneak peek of her wedding photos!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I feel like I should start this post with a huge apology. It has been way too long since I last posted. But I'm fixing to explain why....

I was wrapping up my school year.
-finishing report cards
-completing paper work
-cleaning my classroom
-saying good-bye to my kids

Helping Kacie finish last minute wedding details. I'm pretty sure we put a couple hundred miles on my car!

Helping D with youth stuff.

Planning our summer care program at school.

Then we had......
-Wedding festivities.
-My grandfather got rushed to the ER the morning of Kacie's rehearsal dinner.
-He got out of the hospital.... made it to the wedding just in time.
-I got to be apart of the most fantastic wedding ever. Kacie was GORGEOUS! I'll blog about that later.

Then I had to focus on summer care:
-Get my workers lined up.
-Make the schedule.
-Make the class rosters.
-Assign students to teachers.
-Assign classes to specific classrooms.
-Organize the calendar.
-Plan activities.

Then I had to prepare for VBS at our church....I'm teaching the kindergarten class.
-recruit my workers
-decorate my room
-read over the curriculum

Then I remembered I said that I would work childcare for VBS at Bellevue....get paid to work with sister and jules....yes please.

So yesterday began..........
-Summer care at MRBS
-VBS Bellevue in the morning
-VBS FBCHW at night

And on top of that we leave Sunday to take our kids to the beach. Yes, oil here we come!

Whew!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me tired just reading all of this. As you can imagine..... I have been exhausted!

I have missed blogging, but have had no time to sit down and adequately put into words what life has been like lately. It has been crazy, but so sweet. It's times like this where the Lord makes himself known. I can by no means do all of this within my own strength. It is by His grace alone.

I wrote this post to keep you guys from hating me..... I know it's a drag to follow a blog where no one ever updates....boring! I promise to do better! I also wrote this to get my sister off my back. :) Thanks sister for being such a faithful blog reader!

I promise to come back faithfully soon with lots of pictures and one great blog about my favorite sister's wedding.

Stay tuned!