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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jude and Luke 3 months

These sweet chunks are growing and growing. We think they weigh around 12lbs now. They are sweet, happy babies that smile and laugh generously. We are enjoying every bit of this fun stage! Diaper changing isn't so bad when you have a sweet face smiling up and cooing at you.

They are sleeping from 10:30ish to anywhere between 5-7a.m. We have yet to move them into their room because Jude gets squirmy around 3 sometimes and I'm too lazy to walk across the hall. So when he gets that out of his system then we'll transition them in there.

They are drinking 4-5oz of milk at each feeding which varies from every 3-4 hours. They are drinking breast milk and we are still supplimenting with formula as well. They are taking both like champs. 

They have a love/hate relationship with tummy time. Sometimes they love it and sometimes they hate it. And sometimes they just fall asleep. 

Being their mom just gets sweeter and sweeter. Life is by no mean perfect and I definitely haven't mastered this new role, but I am loving every minute.

Happy 3 months to my sweet chunks!

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  1. seriously, they are adorable! Love, love the sweet baby smiles and the picture of them holding hands. Blessed mama you are!