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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Camp 2014

The boys went on their first youth camp June 8-13. We always go to Centrifuge in Panama City, Florida. We talked last year when I was only 10 weeks pregnant about what camp would look like next year. Would I come? Would I bring the babies? Where would we stay? Well, It was definitely a different camp experience this year but thankfully it all worked out.

The boys and I stayed in a condo next door. We could literally walk to the camp. In the morning, our leaders would come to the condo for our own leader meeting/bible study while our students were in their own team bible studies. This was a great way for me to interact with the other leaders and hear about what was going on at camp.

Around lunch time the leaders would go next door for lunch and then throughout the week our afternoons consisted of ice cream runs, hanging on the beach, volleyball tournaments and nap times. I soon realized that the babies were totally indifferent about the beach so they went one afternoon but stayed inside for nap times the other days. Thankfully some of my sweet friends went as leaders so I had extra help and sweet volunteers to let me have some beach time and hang out time with students. 

While at camp d celebrated his 30th birthday so we made sure he felt extra special with an extra ice cream run and a surprise donut cake.

Camp was definitely a different experience because I had to be so hands off. I knew going into it that I was there to take care of babies and spend time with students when I could. I was prepared for the hard work of taking care of 2 babies by myself most of the time. I was not however prepared for the inner struggle of being torn between wanting to be taking care of my babies but also wanting to be hanging out with our girls at camp.

I would say this has been the hardest part of being a mom thus far: trying to balance ministry and motherhood. More of this on another post!

Though it was different, the week was a great one. We had fun, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, grew closer to the Lord and had one sweet girl give her life to Christ.

Camp is always fun. Having babies there, though it's more work, was a great addition.

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