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Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm back from the abyss that is summer....well back for a visit. I'll quickly catch you up....

Last day of school: May 27

At the lake: May 27-June 3

VBS Bellevue, VBS Hickory Withe, Summer Care at school begins- June 6

Lunch dates, catching up with friends, youth events, making changes to work schedules, planning activities.... yes, this is my summer so far. Crazy busy, but slowly smoothing out.

We leave Sunday for the beach with our youth. Then we come home for one day and then head back to the beach with my family. So if there aren't many blog updates... you'll know why. I promise to update soon.... I just don't know how soon.

All this to say.... those of you giving me a hard time about not blogging.... this is why. To appease you missing me terribly, here are some pictures from our trip to Heber.

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