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Friday, May 27, 2011


I hate goodbyes. Today I had to say Goodbye to 11 precious faces. 11 faces that called my name a million times, sneezed on me, coughed on me, had me tie there shoes 1000 times a day, and at times made me crazy.... well some of them. :) Regardless of the craziness of the school year, I will miss them. This is the bittersweetness of teaching.

I have 180 days with these kiddos. Though I may feel like I'm losing my mind at times, I love them. I love them despite their flaws. And I will miss them... but on to kindergarten they must go. So Cole, Olivia, Grace, Miranda, Morgan, Kade, Trey, Camryn, Samuel, Kelsey, and Timothy.... I love you guys so much!

With that said.... Hello Summer.

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