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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jude and Luke 2 Months

I can't believe my boys are officially 2 months old as of yesterday. This is probably a phrase I will repeat 1,000 more times as they get older and just replace their new age in there, but its true. When they were born, I could have seriously cried thinking about them growing up... it may or may not have been the hormones b/c I pretty much could have cried at anything! For example, that dumb old spice commercial about turning her boy into a man... got me every.stinking.time.... and its a really dumb commercial. 

My tiny new borns are like real babies now. They are awake and alert more often and they no longer feel so tiny that they might break. And I'm loving it. I'm loving the long stretches of sleep through the night, the way they track us with their eyes and best of all the sweet intentional smiles. However I may or may not be bitter that my granny gets more from them than we do. They love her.

Also, my tiny babies are no longer tiny and are finally higher than a 3% on the charts. They are fattening up thanks to Dr. Williams and Dr. Feliz at LeBonheur for fixing their tummies.

Here are some pictures from our doctor's visit yesterday for their 2 month check up.

Jude weighed 10lbs 2oz

Luke weighed 9lbs 8oz

2 month check up also meant shots. :( I tried to prepare myself for it. I mean both of my babies have had surgery so I've watched them get IV's and get rolled away to be cut open, but still when they cry in pain I just can't help but cry too. I know its good for them. I know its necessary. I wouldn't opt for not having immunizations but still it hurts my heart. They did great though and I tried. They of course screamed as our sweet nurse Brandy gave them the shots but as soon as we picked them up they were fine.



Gah! It hurts me again just looking at these pictures!


At 2 months they have....
-gone to a couple of Memphis basketball games

-gone on outings to friends and family homes, to a few restaurants and to a sunday night service at church

-had a gazillion pics taken of them

-they love this thing

-been working on tummy time

-gotten carried by my double decker carrying method countless times

-they are on their last leg of sleeping in our room. Here are their beds we use in here. We have loved these rock and plays. At night we alternate, one is on my side and the other is on D's. So we each have a baby. This man to man defense we've got going on works beautifully! Then when he leaves for work he brings the other to my side like this and I'm back to my own zone defense. 

-The boys received the sweetest gift in the mail last week. However we don't know who sent it. And sadly Luke's name is spelled wrong. I love these overalls and they're mud pie so I know they weren't cheap. There was no card or note and the return address is a corporation in Glennville, GA. If you sent them or know who did please let me know b/c I'd love to get Luke's name fixed and send a thank you card!
Also, if I can't find out who sent them, is it possible to fix his name without ruining the overalls?

-Sneak peek of a photo shoot we had yesterday before the dr with Momma Goose Photogrpahy. I snapped this with my phone. I can't wait to see the finished products.

-preparing for disney! I figured they needed practice sleeping in their pack in play so when they have to at disney it will make for smooth sleep filled nights.

Those things on their chests are called "Freddie the Frog." LeBonheur uses them to help babies sleep. They are filled with what feels like sand so it applies a tad bit of pressure to make them feel good and secure. Our boys love them! And we do too because it does help them sleep and it holds their pacis in place. Thank you once again LeBonheur! 

Happy 2 months Jude and Luke!

(You're welcome for all the pics BeBe, Grammy, and Mrs. Melinda :))


  1. Loved this post and ALL the pics! Keep them coming!!

  2. "Double decker carrying method" is so awesome and super cute! Great job mama! They are adorable!