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Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day

In light of Mother's Day being this Sunday, I have been reflecting on this day and the women it represents.

Last Mother's Day, I was newly pregnant and had no idea what to expect about pregnancy and motherhood. I only knew I had a precious baby growing inside of me that I couldn't wait to meet. The anticipation of telling people was killing me!  We couldn't wait to share the news with everyone. It was still so early that it was just a family secret at that point.

Now being on this side of motherhood, I have a greater appreciation for so many. I greatly appreciate my own mom who desired to have me, took care of herself while pregnant with me, protected and loved me through infancy and childhood, guided me through my teens, who sacrificed countless hours of  sleep, countless hours of personal time and money and.... she's one who still loves and encourages me even now.

I also have a great appreciation for my mother in law. She loved and trained a little boy that grew into an amazing man, husband and dad. Her influence has greatly shaped my life because of her love for Jesus and her family. I am greatly benefiting from it today.

I have a great appreciation for our grandmothers... both mine and his. What precious women we have in our lives. Women who easily open their homes to family and friends and normally with enough food to feed an army. Women who snuggle babies, give kisses freely and fill our stomachs to the brim. Thank you for modeling true love and hospitality.

I have a great appreciation for women who are currently pregnant with many hopes and fears of motherhood as I stood where you are standing this time last year. I know fear was a constant battle for me as I carried my sweet boys. I so badly wanted them to continue growing and thriving inside of me so that I could one day meet them face to face. Miscarriage is not an uncommon thing and I have watched many loved ones experience this painful reality. Also, just the fear of the unknown... of delivery and life with a baby is scary in itself. So momma's-to-be rest assured that Jesus is in control. No amount of fear or you trying to control the outcome will make a difference. Surrender your fears and worries. There is great freedom in releasing them to Jesus. 

I also have a great appreciation for the women who long to be momma's... who are already momma's in their hearts but don't physically have a baby to take care of. Know that you are loved. Know that you are not forgotten on this day. Know that God still sees you and knows your heart's desire. 

Mother's Day is a special day but not always an easy one. As I approach my first Mother's Day with 2 babies to hold, I am once again thankful. Thankful for the tiredness and nausea I experienced. Thankful for the big belly and stretch marks. Thankful for the months on bed rest. Thankful for the painful c-section. It was so worth it. 

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