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Thursday, May 14, 2015

17 months old

How is it possible that in 4 days I will have 17 month olds?!

I think these boys get more fun each day. They are running, climbing and repeating everything we say. They even try to sing songs with us. Luke's favorite word right now is "Naw." As in No, but with a country accent. And that other brother thinks its fun to repeat everything his brother says so you can guess how fun that is.

With this new found vocabulary also comes more spankings because those little wills are getting stronger with words. Jude seems to have mellowed out and Luke has taken over as the stronger willed one. Which means... Luke gets more spankings. This stage has definitely stretched us into a new level of parenthood. Trying to navigate the waters of discipline is not for the faint of heart!

My favorite thing they do right now (that makes my teacher heart swell with pride) is they can tell me the sounds that some vowels make. We are slowly working on "school" and its fun.... not quite the structured setting I'm used to but fun nonetheless.

Their favorite foods right now include beans (any kind), hot dogs, waffles, crackers, apples and grapes. They both eat well but Jude is less picky and rarely turns down food. This also means he's running away in the weight category. I think he's at least 2lbs heavier than Luke now. They are still in the same size clothes (24mo- shirt/12-18shorts) but Luke has much more room in his clothes.

They love bubbles... but like this. They could care less about me blowing them.

Luke wants everything Jude touches. And there was another one of these cars 3 ft away from him.

Jude is a climber!

We love the zoo and are taking advantage of every opportunity with this nice weather!

They love watching daddy play basketball. It was really confusing that first game bc they could see daddy but couldnt go get him.

This new stage of life is easier to go places and we definitely get out the door more quickly. They have cute personalities and laughs that I love. They are sweet and snuggly (at times) but love to wrestle and play ball as well. Being a boy mom is more fun than I could ever have imagined.

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