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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Prayer. A topic as believers we are familiar with. We know its important. We know its vital. BUT are we doing it? Are we even praying? Are we praying because it's what we're suppose to do? Are we praying memorized prayers out of routine? Or because we are desperate to connect to the Creator and Sustainer of the universe?

Several months ago I felt God begin to impress these same questions on my heart. 

For those who don't know..... I'm a chicken. A big fat one. Rescue 911 ruined me as kid! I hate being alone especially if D is out late or out of town. This past summer while d was gone, I walked past our office door and I could have sworn a man was standing in the corner! I literally froze in fear uncertain of my next move. After realizing it was only shadows, I attempted to calm myself down. However, I was so shaken up I had to call my dad to come over and spend the night. In light of my childish moment, God brought some truths to light for me. 

If someone was in my home or coming into my home with the intent to harm or kill my family, would I grab a toy gun or would I grab the real thing? Of course I'd open up that safe and grab the real thing! And I would not hesitate to use it! I would do everything I could to protect my family! 

God revealed to me that the enemy is doing that exact thing. He is invading with the intent to steal, kill and destroy.... our marriages, our families, our churches. So why wouldn't I use my strongest weapon, PRAYER, to fight him off?! With the stakes this high, I can't affford to throw up flippant (toy) prayers here and there. I need to grab my strongest weapon and use it!

So all of this is happening and then I saw War Room.... which only confirmed what God was doing in my life. Was I praying? Yes, I honestly was, but I never saw prayer as such a powerful weapon. So join me as we claim the victory and power we have in Jesus and wage war on the enemy. Let's make it clear he is not welcome in our homes, marriages, churches, etc. So do what I had to do and unlock that safe and access your most powerful weapon.... and use it!

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