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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Scare

Tuesday night about 9:30 I was laying on our bed watching TV upstairs. D was in the shower. All of a sudden I hear our alarm chime like one of our doors had been opened. I first freak out and thought someone just walked into our house and then questioned whether or not I really heard that... no question about it, I did.

I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom and told D, someone just opened one of our doors! He jumped out of the shower, threw on some clothes on and proceeded to look at our alarm pad in our room. He could tell that something/someone was walking around downstairs because the alarm went from being ready to set to not being ready. I was scared but really ok until he said, "Someone's walking around downstairs. Go call 911." I grabbed my phone and went into our closet and called 911.

First of all the lady asked me a million and one questions... all I wanted to hear from her was someone is on the way. She had in fact sent someone once I told her my address but good grief tell me that at the beginning instead of asking me dumb questions! At this point I walk back into the bedroom to see D grab this flower arrangement that has a heavy base... I assume he's was going to use it as a weapon if needed. And then he proceeded to walk downstairs.

I stayed at the top of the stairs with the dispatcher on the phone. A few minutes later D explained that there's no one downstairs. The police arrived. We decided it must have been a faulty alarm or the door that goes into our garage came open just enough to set it off. And the best we can figure, our sensor upstairs was catching d's elbow when he was looking at the alarm pad and he was setting off the sensor.

So... after a 10 minute freak out of thinking someone was in my house then to find out no one actually was...  I had to sleep with our bedroom door shut, alarm on... and even then it took me forever to go to sleep! I'll even admit that I was so freaked out that I went to work with D that next day. I had already planned on getting out there around lunch time to help him, but after that... it was a done deal I was going with him when he left.

D had already decided he wanted a gun for our house and this confirmed it b/c lets be honest what was a heavy potted plant really going to do to protect us... after the fact we remembered there was a machete in his office.

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  1. yeah, girl. yall need a gun! Thats scary. Thankfully we have a small armory at our house. From what I hear, Obama, if re-elected, wants to make it much harder to purchase guns. Could just be hear-say, but yeah, I feel pretty safe with a gun by my bed.