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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

6 Week Check Up

Today I went in for my 6 week check up. I see Dr. Heather Donato at McDonald Murrmann Women's Clinic. I've been seeing her since my initial obgyn experience. And I love her. Well actually, I first went to see another doctor for my first ever physical back when I was in college, but they told me to come back when I was sexually active. Seeing how I wasn't going to be until after I got married, I ditched that practice and found this one. As irritating as it was to be told that, I am thankful for it because it led me to MMWC.

From the moment she walked into my exam room on my first visit, Dr. Donato made me feel comfortable (or as comfortable as you can when you're dressed in an open gown and sitting on a table with stirrups!) She is sweet spirited, gentle and always makes you feel like you're her only patient. Even as our visits increased with this pregnancy, she remained ever patient to answer our questions and genuinly cared about us and our babies.

Not only do we love our doctor, but the front desk ladies, the nurses and oh how we love the lady who did all of our ultrasounds. From blob looking to babies, Melinda helped us watch our boys grow. She affectionately called them "tiny hinies" and I find myself now doing the same. 

We were so excited to take the boys with us up there and show them off. It was necessary seeing how these ladies had to watch my ever growing belly week after week. They needed to see the final product! 

Going so often and seeing these same sweet faces really made us build relationships. I got teary eyed as we hugged them all and left today because I knew I wouldn't see them again for awhile. (Ok, so the hormones are still affecting me!) These are the precious people that took such great care of us from answering all of our questions about insurance, medications, medical concerns, and of course those who physically took care of me and our boys. As we left, I couldn't help but think just how thankful we are for MMWC!

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