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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mission Trip to Destin

July 15-20 we took about 56 students and leaders to Destin, FL for a mission trip. I know, I know... tough life. Originally the church had a mission trip planned for Ohio, but after D began talking with their connection it began to fall through. All the while I had been communicating over the last year with a friend who moved to Destin several years ago. She happened to mention that her church, Village Baptist, hosts groups often and that it was a huge possibility for us to come down there and work with them and the community ministries they help. Not to mention it was in walking distance of the beach.

It was a great trip. A good combination of  hard work and serving, but some nice relaxing beach time as well.

Here was our weekly schedule:

Sunday: Travel
Monday: Indian Reservation 9-2:30, Beach 3:30-5:30
Tuesday: Indian Reservation 9-3:30, Beach 4:30-5:30
Wednesday: Neighborhood outreach 9-12, Beach/ Shopping12:30-4:30
Thursday: Beach Evangelism: 10-12:30, Beach/Shopping 12:30-5
Friday: Travel

I was so proud of these students. They worked hard and served selflessly.

Sleeping arrangements- air mattresses


My family group:

This was how we ended our days: worship services

I know many really hate the sand, but I'm really ok with this look:

So thankful for the opportunity to go serve Jesus in Destin. Hoping it spurs on the desire for us all to do a better job of serving Jesus here at home.

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