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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Merge is the middle school and high school camp that FBC Millington puts on. This year we had over 850 students/leaders from 29 different churches. Some came as far as from Texas. This camp is called Merge because it combines camp and missions.

-Morning worship
-Missions projects
-Free time
-Evening worship

It was a great week seeing the students serve and and love people. Our speakers and worship leaders were great as well. Ryan Fontenot was our evening speaker and Phil Newberry was our morning speaker. Jeremy Horn led worship for us. It felt like a Bellevue reunion because Phil was speaking then Mike Jackson played drums for Jeremy and Derek Shipley played bass. So Phil had essentially 4 of his former students helping lead the camp. It was really cool.

Wednesday night though things took an interesting turn. People started getting sick. I'm talking vomiting everywhere sick. Couldn't make it to the restroom... throwing up in the sanctuary and hallways... It was insane. That night over 50 people got sick and the next morning more people continued to get sick as well. There were rumors that it was food poisoning because so many people were getting sick about the same time, but after talking to several there was no consistency in what they ate. Some people at the food and others didn't. Come to find out over 200 people ended up getting sick and it was just a vicious stomach bug that spread quickly.

We ended up ending camp Thurs morning instead of Friday. Not exactly how we expected to end camp but it was certainly the right thing to do. We still had many come to know Christ and lives impacted through missions so it was def successful, but an interesting camp to say the least!

Worship Service

Will hung out with us Tues morning and was a huge hit.

Will with some ladies.

The kids at the Vietnamese Baptist Church loved him too!

Early morning breakfast sporting our camp shirt.

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