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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Its the little things

I'm in my 6th year of teaching and I have learned A LOT. I teach jr. kindergarten so I have a song, poem, or activity for just about anything. I've learned how to make boring stuff fun, how to transition a million different ways, how to distract a clinging child... you get the idea. I've also learned just as much if not more through my mistakes. Yep I can tell you what happens to a room full of jk'ers when you're not prepared, what you should do vs. what you should not do with a child throwing a tantrum... or just throwing wet paper towels on the wall, how to not handle disgruntled parents, how not to respond to a skinned knee, etc. Teaching is definitely learned by experience... both good and bad.

I have not only learned about how to better teach and train children, but I've also learned what I would and would not do as a parent. You let me spend 5 minutes with your child and I can tell you what you're doing or not doing at home. I have by no means mastered parenting... I don't have kids. I by no means have mastered teaching... I've only done it 6 years. But in my 6 years, one of the best things I've learned is how to better appreciate teachers. Some parents do a fantastic job of making sure their child's teacher knows they are appreciated. Others feel they are paying you (if you teach at a private school) to teach their child therefore their job is done. Moms out there, make sure your child's teachers know you appreciate them. (whether school teachers or church teachers) It can be as simple or as extravagant as you'd like.

I've had several moms have me fill out questionnaires like this:

Favorite cold drink
Favorite hot drink
Favorite fast food (what would you order)
Favorite salty snack
Favorite sweet snack
Favorite baked good
Favorite store
Favorite scents
I collect
(You can make up whatever categories you'd like)

This is a great way to not only get to know your child's teacher, but also a great way to minister to her and show your appreciation. It's amazing how much a sweet note or .75 donut can make you feel appreciated! It's not about how much you spend but the thought behind the gesture.

It really is the little things that make our days sweeter.

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