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Monday, April 25, 2011


Name change: For one I think "Weekend Wrap Up" sounds retarded and for the most part I don't think people really care what we do on the weekends so there's no sense in trying to come up with a clever name. I just write about about our weekends b/c I use this as a scrapbook for us.

Friday D and I were both off so we had planned on doing our flower beds. However we're in the the process of getting a new roof (I'll post about that later) so we had to go make some decisions so our workers could get their materials and begin on Saturday... which put our flower beds on hold. Our outing began with my favorite meal from Backyard Burger. Thankfully my husbands loves food as much as I do so I can convince him how necessary a particular meal is!

That night we went to our first Good Friday service at church. It was a good reminder of why we remember the Friday before Easter. We watched a good portion of the crucifixion from Passion of the Christ. So humbling to see what really happened played out. As one of my girls worded it, "It makes me feel like crap knowing He did that for me and I don't do squat." Yea... that sums it up well.

Saturday morning we were lazy and caught up on our dvr shows and did Sunday morning prep. That night we had people over for dinner and to watch the Grizzlies game. So my afternoon consisted of grocery shopping and cooking. I will never shop at kroger on the saturday before Easter again. It may have been worse than the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I didn't think that was possible!

Easter Sunday was a sweet day of rejoicing, eating, and hanging with the fam! In case you were wondering I went with nude shoes. My dress was so bright I thought adding more color would make me look like a clown. I totally forgot to get a picture! Thanks for all of your input! Here are my shoes. I found them at Payless for $20 and they are surprisingly super comfortable!

After church we headed to Hernando to have lunch with D's family. Grandmomma made her famous Lasagna and then homemade chocolate and strawberry cakes. As if we didn't eat enough there, we went over to my aunt and uncles house and had barbecue and granny's chocolate pie. Of course there were delicious side dishes at both as well... I just was telling you about the important things so you'll know why it may be a gaining week!

We spent most of the day outside. It was gorgeous especially in the shade. And we soaked up every bit of its goodness.


  1. those shoes are cute, but they sure look painful!

  2. Not painful at all! They are actually comfortable heels.

  3. Glad you had a good Easter! LOVE those shoes!