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Monday, May 23, 2011

Anniversary Getaway

So...this Thursday the hubs and I will celebrate 5 years of being married. We would normally celebrate Memorial Day weekend but we're leaving to go to the lake with the fam for a week so we thought this past weekend would be a great time to get away.

Back in the day at Bellevue, the time to get married was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. It was perfect for friends and family that were traveling. Seriously, since 2002 we've had friends/acquaintances get married that day. It just so happened that Julie and Jeff were the ones in 2003, us in 2006, and then Kacie and Jeremy last year. So we decided to make it a group anniversary trip. We headed to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to a golf resort. The boys played golf and we laid by the pool. It was a wonderfully relaxing couple of days. Too bad it couldn't have lasted longer!

D and I headed out Thursday night....

Our hotel

The Clubhouse at the RTJ golf course

Friday, I rode the first round with him...

and took pictures.

Then I decided to let him play and I went back to the hotel and did this...

Finally Friday night these guys plus their men showed up.

So Saturday, us girls did more of this....

While the boys did this...

Then we met them here on the balcony for lunch.

There was also a lot of eating, laughing, napping, and sunburning involved. So thankful for family that I not only love more than anything else, but seriosuly enjoy being around! And this guy isn't so bad either!