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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Random Thursday

I came home to this the other day. 5 years of marriage and it takes the grizzlies in the playoffs to get him to decorate...

I've enjoyed the grizzlies in the playoffs because its given us a good excuse to have some parties. Here are just a few of our crashers...

awesome students

and the sister....she isn't so bad either

One little girl at school always has the cutest headbands. I'm talking... if I were a thief I might steal them from her...that cute. It so happened that the one she was wearing one day matched my outfit. She let me try it on and I didn't want to give it back!

This was the best picture I could get. I tried with the phone not in my face, but every other way blocked the headband.

So I'm on the hunt now for some really cute headbands. Preferably ones that don't make me look 5... which is what my lovely sister told me.