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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Here's the message on worship that d spoke on at Refuel.


What is worship?
-to ascribe worth
-anything you do that shows you value God supremely
-should be a way of life- Its the giving of yourself

Why should we worship?
-He alone is worthy
-we are created to worship
-When we worship, we fulfill our purpose.

How should we worship?
-focus on God not self- offering all that we are for the glory of God
-focus on what Jesus has done for us- sacrificial love
-b/c we can't help it- If we have no desire to worship then we don't know Jesus
-worship is backed by actions- our life should show it

-don't just go through the motions- We're not doing anyone any favors. If worship is boring then you're not worshiping the one true God.
-don't worship casually- He is worthy of all our praise
-don't focus on self- If you worship only in the good times then your worship is selfish. He is worthy to be worshiped in the good times and the bad.

*We need to focus on our total desperation for God. Worship is not about our benefit, but about His glory and delight.

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