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Monday, May 9, 2011

Whirlwind of a Weekend

Ok... seriously... why is it that the work week creeps by and then on the weekends we blink and its Monday morning?!

My whirlwind of a weekend.... no seriously it was...began on Friday. Well, kind of.... let me explain... I was summoned for jury duty and had to report on Friday to select my week. So I wasn't at school but downtown. Me and the 3000 other people waited and waited. Don't worry, I came prepared.

Thankfully I found out that I had a friend that had to be there the same day and time so we stuck it out together. My cousin was actually there too... small world. However with over 3000 people, there's bound to be someone you know there.

I was honestly hoping to get a week next fall, but the available weeks didn't go that far so I'm stuck with it this summer. Boo. After writing down all the possible dates and figuring out which ones I'd be here for.... the strategizing began. You were only suppose to line up if you could serve that week. So we sat through the first week. Then we decided to move closer to where the line began. Then we realized the line was so long and the dates we wanted were only 2 weeks away that we'd just risk it. Thinking by the time we got to the front of the line they'd be giving out the paper for our week. Well.... at first it was working, but then the week before the week we wanted apparently had a ton more open spaces so we started to let people skip us. (Yes, technically we were not following directions b/c if we didn't want that date we were suppose to sit down, but now the line was even longer that we wouldn't have gotten the week we wanted.) So after smoothly allowing several to jump in front of us... which seemed courteous.... we realized that we were now drawing attention to the fact that we were waiting for a different week. I guess we weren't as smooth as we hoped b/c someone finally came and said if you don't want this week then get out of line. So we just got that week.... which was fine but it wasn't our first choice. The funniest part was that all the while my cousin was standing with us, but then she disappeared when we got in trouble!!! She somehow manged to jump in line further back to the get the better week. She said after we left, I assume b/c of us.... they made everyone (remember we're talking thousands) sit down and gave them a speech about following directions. Ha. Leave it to the teachers to not follow directions and get everyone in trouble. Come to find out we were 5 people away from the week we wanted!

So after that fiasco I had the rest of the afternoon to chill. I ran errands and then did some much needed laying out. Soon D was home and we were out the door to one of our students' baseball games. They were down 6 most of the game. Then in the last inning they came back to tie it making them go into extra innings and wouldn't you know it.... we had to leave! D had a basketball game so we couldn't stay any longer. How sad is that?! The game got good and we had to leave! We did hear that the game went into 11 innings and they won by one. Crazy.

Thankfully the gym D plays basketball at also has lots of workout equipment so I got my workout on during his first half while he played. And since this has become a favorite....

....we couldn't let a perfectly good Friday night go without some.

Saturday morning I went to go watch some of my students' soccer games. I had talked previously to the parents about going to the soccer game and then to McDonald's afterwards. Then be done in time to go watch another soccer game. We actually had some other students' and their parents meet us there. It was a fun morning of spending time with parents and students outside of the classroom. As excited as I am for summer, I will miss these precious families!

Our afternoon was spent here...

A friend gave us these awesome tickets and a parking pass. I could get used to watching basketball like this! Free tickets, parking pass, and food... not to mention a great 4th quarter and overtime.... a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

I actually looked over to D at some point during the first half and said I'm sure glad we didn't pay to be here b/c the game was so bad, but then they woke up and pulled it out.

However, I did realize after drinking a pepsi for the first time in years that there is no comparison between it and Coke. Pepsi is a sad want a be.

B/c the grizzlies won, there was a coupon for Ghengis Grill so me, D, and our friend Pete went there with every other Grizzly fan apparently. I can't even remember what combination of stuff I got, but it was delicious! Much better than the first time I went there. As we're sitting there eating we watched this happen....

It physically hurts me to look at. My whole body goes numb and I want to vomit. Thankfully I was eating while watching it.... great combo.

Sunday morning was a great morning of cinnamon rolls galore for Food Sunday, a great message on prayer from D to our students, and then a great afternoon/night with family. How sad is it that I didn't get one picture of either of our moms on Mother's Day. That by no means that we love you guys any less. We are so thankful for your influences in our lives. We love you both!!!!

While playing a game, I noticed something funny. Just the way we have our chips describes me and the hubs perfectly.



Can you tell which one of us is OCD?

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