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Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Fun

Friday was crazy so I didn't get to post my ww update. So here goes:

Last week: 145.2

This week: 144.4

Our weekend was consumed with sports... shocking. Friday night we had people over to watch the Grizzlies win game 6. Too bad they couldn't do the same with game 7. The 2 towels on the mantle became 2 towels and a shirt. Classy, huh?

Sunday afternoon these crazy girls went to lunch with us and then came over to watch the game. Poor D with a house full of women watching a crucial game. He did however manage to rub off some the the grizzlies fever. We had to leave before the game was over to set up for Refuel so we took a portable TV. This is what I saw.

Tiff getting so into she's waving the growl towel.

All consumed.

And my favorite is Tori holding the antenna. Yes very redneck. Welcome to Fayette County.

Backing up to Saturday night... we took our youth to the Redbirds game. Attempting a good picture with Randy's crazy driving.

It was a great night for baseball. Though we were in jeans and jackets... at least we were not sweating which is normally what we do at baseball games. My favorite part were the fireworks. We always go on firework nights so even if you don't like baseball.... you still have an enjoyable time. I love Kendall and Karlie's faces in the background.

Tori is a prime example of how you can come to the Redbird's game and have so much more fun doing other things than simply just watching the game. Don't worry, we made fun of her for it.

Baseball to me is boring... the food and fireworks are much more up my alley!

Back to Sunday.... we did our normal Sunday morning thing.... then the sweetest part of the day was when a precious youth girl come forward to give her life to Jesus. What a great reminder of why we do what we do. All the fun events, hours spent with crazy, moody, hormonal teenagers, all the counsel and conversations, the countless messages prepared.... all so worth it. Stephanie is a sweet reminder.

Sunday night we began a Sunday night youth worship service that we will continue quarterly called Refuel. So rather than going into the main service... we did our own. This isn't a great picture, but it was the best I could do without being totally distracting.

We had an awesome worship band and then d spoke. It was an amazing night. The focus was WORSHIP. Obviously it was a worship service, but d wanted our students to really understand what worship was. So he spoke on worship as well. I'll share the message another day b/c it was so good it's worth a post of its own! Refuel was such a refreshing way to start our week with our focus on WORSHIP.

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