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Friday, August 19, 2011

Running Club

One of my favorite times of year... despite the heat... is now. Now it doesn't compare to fall or Christmas which are really my favs, but I love this time of year because I discovered Memphis Runners .... Women's Walk/Run program. Every Monday night we meet and run together based on our level of fitness. You choose your group. Run on Monday nights together and then run at least 2 other times during the week based on the running schedule they give you. Obviously your time and mileage increase as you train. Our goal is a "graduation 5k" in September. I love the accountability of this group. I also love working towards a goal. So You can count on July-September me sweating my butt off for "my running club."

If you're getting into running, this is a great way to start. They closed registration for this year but definitely look for it next year!Link

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