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Friday, August 26, 2011

Slip N Slide

One youth adventure that D was dying to do was create a slip n slide into a lake.

He got his adventure.

We all met for lazer tag which our kids love more than anything... its so weird to me, but they love it so whatever. Then the guys went and spent the night at the LaGrone's (thank you Rhonda for taking care of our boys!) and the girls spent the night at the Cotners'. The next morning the guys met us over at the Cotner's. They have a great set up for youth events...lots of land, pool, lake.... perfect for a slip n slide. :)

I think D and I had just as much fun as they did! The combination of baby shampoo and baby oil made the slip n slide the perfect amount of slippery... plus we smelled amazing.

This is def. at the top of my favorite things we've ever done in youth ministry list!

Waiting on the boys...

Not only did we have a sprinkler hooked up but Mr. Cotner had a high powered hose!

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