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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Weight Watchers has inspired me to continue with a healthy lifestyle... and by that I mean stay on the skinny side... not necessarily giving up good food! So with that in mind, I got to talking to a friend of ours at church who is a body builder. He's really into fitness, nutrition, etc. I knew he trained people for fun so I started talking to him and before long he was officially training me.

So we gave in and joined a gym. Best decision. I told Jason he wasn't allowed to actually come to my gym because he's so hard core I thought he'd make me cry, but that if if he gave me a schedule and the specifics of each workout I would complete them. Well, we are officially training. Yes, I suckered Allie into doing these workouts with me. Never in my life have I had muscles ache like this. It's do-able but I have definitely been sore. Sore is an understatement... to which he replies, "Good, you're on track. "

I never would've thought I would enjoy working out so much a couple of years ago. Now I can't get enough... well, that's a lie because I am a huge wimp and I get tired.... but I really do love it. Plus the doctors scale says I'm 10 lbs lighter than my home scale and since doctor's scales are always right I'm sticking to those numbers... which means since May I've lost 10 more lbs.... now where can I buy one of those for my house! :)

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