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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Fun

Friday night consisted of us going to some basketball games at Fayette Academy. It was the grand opening of their new gym. The games were really fun and close. We even had a surprise guest lead the student section... none other than Will Coleman. No idea the connection between a professional basketball player that is supposed to be in Europe playing and a small town private school in fayette county... but regardless he entertained.

This is a bad picture but you can see him standing in the white shirt. This was before they pulled out the giant heads and before his half time, half court shot performance.

And then you know... went and ate at El Nopal.

Saturday was spent attempting to be productive... first a trip to whitehaven to the nike clearance store to find some basketball shoes. I found some all right and loved them! Too bad they didn't have my size though. To play comfortably I needed the next size up. 5 of us went and 4 out of 5 hated them... but I would have gotten them in a heart beat! I wanted some fun shoes and these were def. fun! Now let me say these were men's shoes that were black and purple with bright pink laces...

Then I decided to go shopping and like the last few times I've gone... I have found a big fat nothing. I need winter clothes that fit! And I can't find anything cute. Bad combo. So yesterday I went and I hit the jackpot with super center Target and Goodwill. I was so happy. I have come to hate shopping... I have to be in the mood which I'm rarely in. Thankfully ww has been good to me and I haven't gained my weight back, but finding clothes has been hard!

Sunday's message... brother Eddie hit it out of the park. He spoke on church unity. Basically saying we aren't here to argue about the carpet color, but to bring people to Jesus. So many churches, including ours, get so caught up in the details... which can be important, but when the details and people's opinions become the focus rather than Jesus ...then you've got some problems. I also found it very refreshing to hear him basically call out all the people who choose to talk behind your back rather than bring the concern to you. He made it very clear you are to go to that person and talk to them directly or shut your mouth. Man, could we avoid some conflict if we'd all learn this lesson. I was so proud of the stand he took. Our purpose is to know Christ and to make him known, not getting what we want.

It was a wonderful weekend that went by too fast... but then thats normally how they are.

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