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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Try It Tuesday

I am such a sucker at Sam's. It is physically impossible to go in there and spend less than $100... ok thats an exaggeration... it's impossible for the Jerkins'... or may be just one Jerkins to spend less than $100. The other night was no exception.

We needed a few things like fruit, milk, laundry stuff... I'm talking less than 10 items. And somehow we ended up spending over $100. It may or not be because d and I both love food and when we see something that looks good... even if we have just strategically eaten dinner so we wouldn't buy on impulse... its still hard to pass up good looking stuff. This Try It Tuesday was one of our many finds and it is delish.

Cinnamon Apple Straws

They taste like taco bell's cinnamon twists with apple flavoring. If you like a crunchy snack. This is def one for you.

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  1. Hey Girl! I'm the same way at costco! bulk make every thing look good!
    I nominated you for a sunshine award on my blog :)
    You can follow the link and get rules to pass it on