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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 K4 Spring Program

Today was our big program. The one we begin working on after Christmas. The last, big hoo-rah in K4. Today was the day. We had practiced all we could practice. It was do or die time. They either knew it or they didn't.

As I pulled into school, I realized I was very excited and couldn't wait for our program to begin. Our kids looked adorable in their red, white, or blue Sunday best. They'd been to the restroom, were lined up, parents were anxiously waiting and then we realize one of my little girls isn't even here... like has yet to show up and 2 other students are beginning to cry.

Ok, no big deal. We are use to being flexible and having a plan b, c, and even d.

We do some sweet talking, assign other kids their parts and now its go time. I welcomed our parents, prayed and We Are the Kids of American began... with 1 missing student and 2 who refused to even get on the stage... and another one who in the middle of a song burst into tears because she had to go to the restroom... thankfully a parent got her off the stage and to the restroom before we had pee everyhwere.

Other than all of that..... our program was great. The kids remembered their lines, sang loudly, and no one fell off the stage... and most importantly the teachers survived.

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