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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This past weekend my father in law had a business trip in Atlanta. From time to time when they have a business trip in a place where there's fun stuff to do they'll ask my sister in law and I if we'd like to tag along. So we all boarded a plane, 4 adults, 3 kids and we were off to Atlanta for 4 days.

It was a fun trip, but an exhausting one. While there, we did some very fun things.
Here are the highlights:

- Coca Cola Museum
-watched our cousin play in a huge volleyball tournament
-played at Centennial Park
-spent a fortune in the American Girl store and had lunch with the dolls in their bistro
-shopped at the mall
-carriage ride around down town
-swam in the hotel pool

We discovered several things while on our trip:
-we are suburban girls
-big cities or city life rather is not for us
-we are accustom to fast food places on every comer for easy convenience
-after a lot of walking, it made us appreciate happy hour at Sonic and crave it more than ever
-kids need their own beds for a reason- I was woken up with feet in my side, feet kicking my legs, a face in my face, and sweet snuggles... but I didn't really mind
-props to people who live down town and walk everywhere... we probably burned 30,000 calories
-downtown Atlanta is so clean... and nothing like down town Memphis
-keep snacks and water with you at all times
-I have a new appreciation for owning my own car
-I discovered that some of my sweetest time with the Lord is while I'm on an elliptical machine or running before the sun is even up.
-I am thankful for in laws that are awesome. Many people only tolerate theirs and I genuinely love mine and am so appreciative of them.

Here are some pictures of our fun trip:


Dolphin Show

Coke Museum

Everybody enjoyed this part of the museum best!

You could try coke products from all over the world. This is the drink D raved about when he went to Peru. Thankfully I was able to taste it. It wasn't bad.

Madisen's volleyball tournament that had over 1000 teams in it!

Dinner at 10:30 one night b/c the guy claimed it was 6 blocks. 4 miles later... ok that might be an exaggeration but it felt like 4 miles!

After we got back from dinner we were so tired we had to rest in the lobby before going up to our room on the 41st floor.

View from our room.

Downtown Atlanta sunrise from the fitness room

Most anticipated outing: American Girl

Lunch with their new dolls

We had a great time and made sweet memories! Now I need a vacation to recover from the vacation.

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  1. Looks like a fun trip! and LOL about the kids... too funny.