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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So much to be thankful for

I don't mean to sound like a thanksgiving scrooge, but I get annoyed with the 'list what you're thankful for thing' on facebook. I keep thinking, "Get a blog, or a piece of paper."Is it really necessary to write something down everyday for us to read. True, I know reading it or getting on fb is my choice, but still. How thankful are most of those the rest of the year? And of course they're typing out all the good things they've been given, but what about the tough stuff? Shouldn't we be thankful for those too?  Yet no one writes about that stuff... ok, I'll get off my thanksgiving scrooge soapbox.

I really am a pleasant person. I promise.

As thanksgiving is approaching I am reminded of what God has done in our lives the last year. What an exciting ride we've been on! Seriously the craziest year of our lives which brought me to my list of thankfulness. (and yes it's ok to write this kind of stuff on a blog.)

1. Treasured gift of Jesus- I have never experienced Christ like I have this year. I am blown away by his love, faithfulness, mercy and grace to me. And I deserve none of it.

2. D- God knew what I needed when he gave me Daniel Jerkins.

3. Family- As I spend time with little ones at school and teenagers/adults at church, I am reminded of how diverse family situations are. I am so thankful for the upbringing I had and the family that God has given me.. both biologically and by marriage. What a legacy our children will have.

4. Friends- I am blown away by the friendships that God has brought into my life these 27 years. Some friends have lasted a lifetime where as others have come and gone. All still precious to me though. Its no coincidence that I always have in my life just the right people at the right time.

5. Church- God's goodness never ceases to amaze me. As I walked into Bellevue the other night to see my cousin be baptized, I was overwhelmed to the point of tears as I looked around at the church I grew up in. The sights, the smells, the memories...everywhere. What a precious opportunity I had to be apart of such an amazing church. I am so thankful that we still have friends and family that help keep us feeling apart. Bellevue will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Millington- For whatever reason, God chose to have us at Millington for 4 short months. Doesn't make any sense to us why he'd take us there to bring us right back to where we are, but we know He's in control. We know he used the situation in our lives and many others. Its neat to talk to friends we made there and hear how God was not only working in our lives but using our situation in theirs as well.

Hickory Withe- No doubt one of the sweetest churches around. From the minute we started there 4 years ago, we've had nothing but love and support. Even when we transitioned away, their love was unwavering. We are still loving being back and serving with this church.

6. Tough stuff- though life has been crazy and fun, it has not been perfect. We have had our fair share of ups and downs, heartbreaks and victories and I can honestly say I am thankful for them all. I am thankful for the valleys because I know the mountain top is coming. I am thankful for the wilderness because I know my promised land is just ahead. I am genuinely thankful for the tough stuff because its the tough stuff that reminds me how good my God is. When me situation may not be perfect, he is. When what I'm going through seems hopeless, he is my hope.

This past year God has been so faithful to us...in the good stuff and the tough stuff. And I am so thankful that he is God over both.

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  1. I understand where you are coming from with the fb posts. I think it's easy to jump on a bandwagon. :) It is encouraging to me to read them, but I don't want to post everyday.

    I am thankful for this week...probably the toughest week of our lives. My mom's toughest week for sure!
    Though it's not easy, I know the Lord is making us all stronger in a lot of ways. We will all be glad to get back home in a few days. :)

    So excited for you and thankful to call you a friend!