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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sister!

Today is my sister's 23rd birthday. Yes, I had to think how old I am and subtract 4 years. No, that does not mean I love her any less- it just means I'm old and senile and I can't remember her age.

You are def. my favorite girl on earth. Your jokes always make me laugh even when no one else does. Your 'shoot it to me straight' opinions are appreciated even if I don't seem happy about them at the time. Your laughter is contagious. Your passion for the Lord is challenging. Your rebounding/put back skills make me envious. Your dimpled smile is gorgeous... and you have pretty great eyes too.

So thankful God gave us you 23 years ago. Our lives are def. better because you're in them.

Happy Birthday to my favorite sister!

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