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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Heavy Heart

I don't get teenagers sometimes. I mean I feel like we were right there not too long ago. Was I this hard headed? Was I this so unwilling to listen to the godly wisdom from the people that God put in my life?

I am seeing so clearly how important true surrender is. When you truly surrender all of yourself to Christ you want what he wants, you hate what he hates. A truly surrendered person won't tolerate, put up with, hang around, or associate with the same stuff that Christ hates. Its contradictory. Now you can do all of that but if you claim to be a Christ follower and are okay with (or date people who don't honor Christ with their lives) I'll tell you straight up you don't know the Jesus I do.

(Yes, we need to associate with non-believers because how else will we share the gospel... but these people shouldn't be our closest friends or significant others.)

If you claim to be sold out then you're decisions, actions, and words will back it up. There's no denying a life sold out for Christ. So why don't we as Christians understand this? Adults and students alike... what's keeping us from truly surrendering all we are to Christ: self.

Sadly, that's what I'm seeing over and over again. The same story... maybe just different faces. And my heart is breaking because I'm seeing students and adults makes decisions for Christ when its convenient. We aren't called to convenience though. We are called to know Christ and make Him known... period.

I'm not living with my head in the sand. I know we live in a tough world. I know there are temptations out there. I know there are things we'd rather watch and participate in that aren't Christ honoring. I get that... but don't claim to be a Christ follower when you don't stand up for Christ, when you don't take a stand against the things he hates.

I am by no means saying we need to go bang our bibles against people heads or yell at the person next to us b/c they keep using foul language. No, as believers we're to be known for our love. We should be known more for what we're for, not for just what we're against.

My heart is just heavy because I so badly want our students especially to get it. I want them to understand true surrender. Not convenient surrender. I want them to taste and see... because I know when they get a little glimpse of who Jesus is their lives will be dramatically different. What they do on the weekends, at school, who they date or are best friends with... will not be the same because when you know Jesus you can't help but be changed.


  1. While I totally agree, I also know that everyone has to come Christ on their own. With my children we taught them their whole lives about their Savior and what we should be doing to be true followers of Him. But they have to eventually come to this knowledge on their own. Some of them are going to make mistakes, BIG mistakes. But when they come through it, and understand that there is repentance for what He did for them, the relationship is strengthened. Just wait until it is your own child. You know what they are doing will only bring them unhappiness, but you can't do anything about it. But they come through it better. Or when the situation arises again and they make a different choice, and you rejoice in the trial having made them a better follower!

  2. I know Amy. I can't force this upon anyone... otherwise it'd be my choice not theirs. I just want to keep them from making those stupid, sometimes big mistakes. Although, very good point... God uses those experiences to mold them into who He wants them to be. Its just hard to sit and watch during the tough stuff.

    And you're right... I can't imagine what it'll be like when its my own kids!