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Monday, May 7, 2012

Prom Alternative

Friday night was our first youth event... outside of the church building. This was already on the calendar when we started so we didn't know anything about it other than we were to attend. We weren't really sure what to expect. We grew up with somewhat of a similar thing but it was a banquet not a dance. I was very excited though that I got to wear my sister's cute bridesmaid dress again. Thanks sister for choosing such a cute one!

This was the 3rd year for this event and three different churches put it on. Sadly, there wasn't a very good student turn out. The last 2 years they've had this event at the zoo and on a river boat... which sounds super fun. This time it was at a banquet hall. A different church is in charge each year and so this year the church in charge, I thought, did a great job decorating... these columns in the foyer with bows aren't a good indication of the cute decorating but inside was very nicely done. Some said the low turn out was because of the location, but after talking to several students who didn't attend it was more because they thought it was lame. I can't altogether blame them. The idea is nice to give the students who wouldn't go to their school prom a safe place to come and dance, dress up and have a good time, however most that we talked to still planned on going to their prom so I'm not sure what purpose this event is really serving...if its not really a prom alternative. Its just an additional prom...with a mix of secular and Christian dance music. Even home schoolers now have proms so its not their only opportunity either. And with numbers so low is it worth doing again? Maybe. We still had a good time though as did most of our students.

Some of the staff wives from left to right: me, Natalee (Jr. High minister's wife), Vicki (Pastor's wife), Erin  (Young adult minister's wife) I love these ladies. They have all been so good to us. In fact, Erin actually taught D in high school at ECS. Small world.

 One thing I've come to respect about D is how he evaluates our youth events. This is helpful for any healthy ministry. We can thank Phil Newberry for this. Back in the day...the theme was simplify. It helped open the staff's eyes to their ministry as a whole. They looked at each event they did and asked several questions. What purpose does this event serve? Is it meeting our ministry goals? Is it helping to point our students to Christ? Or are we doing it just because its always been done?

We are all about having fun so I'm not saying we shouldn't offer fun events, but let the fun be the hook and make sure the gospel is the focus. Fun things def. draw students, but there needs to be a balance.

I'm not saying I am opposed to this prom alternative because I def. see some positive things about this event. I'm just evaluating it. What are your thoughts? Is it the church's place to provide a prom alternative? As a parent would you like for your church to offer this? Would your child still attend their school prom? 

Ok, mommas... and anyone else who'd like to share their thoughts... let me hear ya.

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  1. i think dancing is from satan. Totally kidding! You know i love to bust out my white girl moves any chance i get. Ok, prom alternative... To think that most high school juniors or seniors would give up going to their own prom seems a little naive. Is it a good idea? Yes, but in reality i think you nailed it, in that, its just giving them an additional dance to go.